Craigslist Fun!

Via reddit:

~ by Woeful on December 29, 2007.

10 Responses to “Craigslist Fun!”

  1. A rather good one. Is she related to Red Sonja, or Jirel of Jhoiry?

  2. Welcome Bookcalendar! I don’t know about her Red Sonja quotient, but The librarian in question must be a very beautiful woman…

  3. That’s HILARIOUS! (says the red headed circulation assistant) 😛

  4. Happy New Year Cara!

  5. Dude. Too funny.

  6. Happy New Year to you too Jason! … Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do tonight 😉

  7. I own an iliad not a Sony ereader but can vouch for their sexiness. Something about holding hundreds of books in your hands at once…

  8. Hi Nessa: Elegant design is sexy, and technology can be sexy too… Thanks for commenting!

  9. “I grew up on a farm and watched my stepfather shoot guns at cans and rabbits on many occasions. I am confident I have his natural talent.”

    BWAHAHAHA! He also mentions Ivan Drago. BWAHAHAHA!

  10. 🙂

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