Space Ace Returns!

Aside from a brief appearance this afternoon by our resident transvestite, today was an incredibly boring day at work. There was, however, one really blogworthy moment when Space Ace called me over to the Internet workstation he was using. He told me that he reached the final stage of a survey he painstakingly completed so that he could get a free $250 gasoline card. The problem with this little scheme, however, was that he doesn’t have a credit card with which to pay for the transaction’s $1.00 processing fee. While he’s talking, I notice that the screen on his monitor does not display a $250 gasoline card, but rather a $25 Kmart card… I ignore this. After all, he is unstuck in space and time, so what’s the difference between the two anyway?

Space Ace then asks me how he can complete the survey without a credit card. I tell him that according to the form he was using, he can’t, and that a credit card number is required. He immediately asks, “how many numbers does a credit card have?” I told him that that depends on the card, be it an Amex, a MasterCard, or a Visa. He mulls this over for a bit and says that he would just make up a number if he knew how many numbers it needed, because after all, it’s just $1.00. To save my sanity, I decide not to explain the intricacies of why that wouldn’t work. I also decided against explaining how stealing $1.00 from somebody isn’t a good idea, even though it’s just a $1.00.

In the end, I refused to help him commit credit card fraud. I assured him that he was going to need a credit card of his own before he could complete the transaction, and that I couldn’t help him “get” a credit card number… Then I took a break.

~ by Woeful on December 21, 2007.

9 Responses to “Space Ace Returns!”

  1. Oh sheesh what good is your neighborhood library if your librarian will not help you commit credit card fraud?

  2. What gets me, is that the guy clearly knows it’s wrong to steal… It’s just that he doesn’t have any problem with stealing in moderation.

  3. So familiar! What’s even more pathetic is that it was probably a scam to get his credit card number!
    We have an all blanket statement in our library, “and they walk among us,” usually said with raised eyebrows and wide eyes to indicate our fear, disbelief, and/or amazement.

  4. I can’t believe he didn’t ask to use either the library’s credit card or your credit card. That’s what they all ask when they need an email address to submit something online, but don’t have one and don’t want to get one.

  5. I am in a constant state of disbelief myself…

  6. One of the best solutions I’ve found for that email situation PL is Guerrilla Mail. I also use Box all the time for people who don’t have a removable storage device. These utilities are great!

  7. Hahaha, that sounds like something I said when I was like, 11, and didn’t “get” credit cards. “Can’t I just punch in a bunch of random numbers?!?!?” It’s funny that people actually fall for those internet gift card schemes anymore, too.

  8. Why is it that everyone is crazy! I love working at the library–it gives me material to talk about at cocktail parties!

    P.S. How did you make your site snow? Very nice!

  9. Hi There, Monster Librarian! Indeed, working @ the Library is never dull. WordPress is offering a free script that looks like snow until January 2nd. It’s selectable along with Snap Preview in that options tab in the Dashboard.

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