You Know Your Day Is Going To Suck When…

You hear Virus Guy calling you by name from afar: Woeful! Have you got a minute?

Me [Thinking, “No.”]

Virus Guy [Walks over, invading my comfort zone of personal space]: I know it’s not your responsibility, but did you happen to notice anyone messing with my bags?

Me: I’ve been so busy, I haven’t noticed anything.

Virus Guy: Yeah… OK… That’s what I thought.

Virus guy had about four bags stuffed with books from our ongoing Friends of the Library book sale arranged on one of the tables. This isn’t anything new, he routinely has multiple bags of our old books with him since he has taken to stealing them and selling them on eBay. We just haven’t been able to prove it… Yet.

After this, I have to tend to a barrage of questions from Special Ed, and Buddy Sunshine. Special Ed doesn’t even come to the Reference Desk… Hell, he doesn’t even look up anymore from what he’s doing online. He just urgently cries out my name whenever he needs something until I respond… Woooeful… Woooeful… Woefullll… Often times, I’m in the middle of helping another patron when this happens, so this is terribly aggravating for everyone… Except Special Ed.

I think I’m slowly developing a facial tick, much the same way that Chief Inspector Dreyfus did in the Pink Panther after repeatedly being subjected to Clouseau’s antics.


~ by Woeful on December 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “You Know Your Day Is Going To Suck When…”

  1. My bus driver from elementary school had a facial tick. We found it funny, as kids, to try to aggravate her so that it would go crazy. Looking back, I feel badly. I also feel like maybe some ironic justice could come my way someday soon.

  2. [tick]

  3. Woe, when you start relating to the inspector instead of the panther, it is time to back up, take a deep breath, and remind yourself things are funny.

  4. *comfort!*

  5. You got that right Max.

    … Comfort?

  6. Ha Ha if you develop a facial tick I think I will piss myself!

  7. Yeah, well now you’ll know who to blame Dave…

  8. Thanks for the Stumble nod. The (un)funny thing about you library experience is that this is not the first time I have heard similar sentiments from librarians.

    I think it has something to do with the state of social services in our country, but you’d probably better qualified to answer that.

  9. Reading about _your_ library always makes me thankful that

    a) as a page I don’t really have to deal with patrons that much, beyond fairly simple inquiries and directing them to librarians of branch assistants for Real help


    b) that our patrons seem so much less colorful than yours.


  10. Don’t mention it t4t, I love that StumbleUpon!!

    Hi Alan: Thanks for reading… I’m just “lucky” with my demographic I guess.

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