Today, a young woman asked if there was a secluded spot in the library with an electrical outlet, so that she could pump her breasts.


Since nobody was using it, I suggested the Children’s Program Room. She pumped her breasts twice before she left us, once right then, and again a couple of hours later… She had no child with her, so I guess she was stocking up for later?

~ by Woeful on December 15, 2007.

17 Responses to “Dairyland”

  1. Well no, not if she did not have refrigeration with. Probably she was relieving pressure [swollen breasts hurt] and avoiding fun accidents like leaking all over her shirt.

    Jeesh for as much as guys are into breasts you all sure seem to not know much about them.

  2. Hi Max! I know enough to know that that’s what breasts are really for 😉 I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone missing their supper… Especially around the Holidays, LOL!

  3. “Librarian starves Christmas infant, news at 11.”

  4. Oh man, one of our children’s librarians had to do that after she had a baby. She was lugging her pump everywhere with her, I felt so bad for her!

  5. Hi Cara: While lactating, I guess ya’ gotta’ do what ya’ gotta’ do to avoid the pain…

  6. sounds like you need a lactation room @ the library

  7. Who knew?

  8. Thank you for not sending her to the restroom to do it. They actually had to pass a law where I live that a woman could not be arrested for breastfeeding in a “public place.” Some people really expect you to sit on a toilet (eew…) and do it, plugging in the breast pump I’m not sure where…

  9. Ditto the thanks on suggesting a private room – and if her pump is like mine, it had a little insulated cooler for the expressed milk, so she probably took it home to her baby. I went to ALA while still breastfeeding my son and had to pump standing up in bathroom stalls, pump running off batteries and hanging off the back of the stall door… it can be done, but it’s really not pleasant.

  10. Thanks for visiting Marsha! The woman tried the restroom by herself first, but there aren’t any electrical outlets in there. I don’t understand what’s wrong with people regarding breastfeeding? There couldn’t possibly be anything healthier, or more natural than that. Many people try desperately to fool themselves into believing that Humans are all intellect, that we aren’t animals… Like we’re above eating, breathing, shitting, breastfeeding, and the like. Sad…

  11. Hello Library Mama: I can’t imagine it would be… Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Nothing like being ostracized by society for choosing the healthiest nourishment for your child.

    Funny mental picture of you being asked the question though…*blink*. Made me giggle.

  13. Hi K! She actually asked a female staff member, who in turn asked me… That said, it was still [blink]! I wasn’t expecting that. The woman did personally thank me later on though.

  14. LOL

    i would’ve done a double blink.

    *blink* *blink*

  15. Haha! You’re going to get alot of weird search terms (like in your last post) coming up after this story. “Library Batgirl Monkey breasts cupcake porn”, etc.

  16. Kudos to you for helping the woman out, but I can’t help but worry that she’ll continue coming in expecting a private room to pump her breasts. I would’ve done the same as you *blink*.

  17. Welcome Back VL! Thanks. You never know if these things are going to become habitual… The “Serial Milker” would make for a good blog fodder though.

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