Always Insightful

Every so often, I like to show my readers how people happen upon this blog. The following search terms have been used to find this little niche of the Internet of the last two weeks:

swei – Why?
real hot librarian – You Found Me!
favorite free online game – I Have a Few.
free dope war online games – That’s Good Stuff!
library signage ideas – 🙂
soap actresses naked photos – Come on?
librarianwoes – Yes?
April Witteveen derby – She Rocks!
library signage – Yawn.
wwe candice – Has Supplanted Debbie Gibson as My Most Searched For…
porn happy birthday picture – I Didn’t Know You Cared.
cute library signs – Cute?
batgirl – O.K.
candice michelle wallpaper – See, I Told You!
batgirl porn – What?
favourite names for online games – Why?
batgirl librarian – Yep, She Was!
kindle in the library – Kindle Indeed.
online game about librarians – Are There Any?
drunken humor – You’ve Come To The Right Place.
@thelibrary woeful – That’s Me! – That’s Me Too.
dope free online games – What Fun Are Dope Free Games?
lava city roller dolls” 12 gauge rage” – April They Want You!
porn man – Was Here.
nazi germany and united states similarit – Sadly.
porn in children’s librarian – Porn “In?”
who is watching you online – More People Than You Think…
librarian humour shirt – Really?
like a monkey on a cupcake – Always Funny!
Candice Michelle is hot – See, I Told You Again!
bacardi publicity – Great Ad Campaigns.


~ by Woeful on December 13, 2007.

18 Responses to “Always Insightful”

  1. Like a monkey on a cupcake?

    Did someone really type that?

  2. LOL… Every few days I get a hit from someone who types that!

  3. I was wondering how you actually find out what they typed?

    Besides that, some of those people must be pretty damn ignorant/stupid

  4. Hi Lisa! People run the gamut from dim to bright. We see them all @ the Library, and I also see the footprints they leave behind here… When you’re the administrator of a WordPress blog, you get a nifty “dashboard” that allows you to modify your blog, and see all kinds of statistics including search terms used to hit your blog, what web pages referred the visitor, and what links visitors clicked while visiting. I also have a StatCounter embedded that allows me to gather many other metrics such as the length of each visit, how many visitors are first time visitors, how many people returned to visit, and I can also get a map that displays the states and countries of my visitors, among other things… Very cool!

  5. “porn in children’s librarian”

    Oh dear, that’s just going to break my brain trying to rationalize that statement. Either that or trying to think about the person who was actually searching that phrase.

    My search results are much tamer than yours, to say the least. The worst one I have deals with castration.

  6. Hello G.I.L: There are definitely some weird search terms that hit my blog. It’s nice to see a reduction in the number of searches about naked Debbie Gibson though… This pleases me.

  7. Porn in children’s librarian. “Porn in.” IN. I think I’m glad that in my second year of library school, I decided not to be a children’s librarian. I don’t want to implant some porn in me.

    Search terms for my blog included “Web 2.0 and Cheese” (and I actually have a post with that title), “buy olives”, and “Spoon River Anthology.” All valid, all very not exciting. Yours are far more interesting.

  8. I couldn’t do it either Jemfy… But to each her/his own.

  9. Hmm, that is pretty nifty. Thanks for answering.

  10. No problem Lisa. Thanks for reading!

  11. Ever since I wrote about Foot Fetish Guy on my site, the foot fetish searches have been OUT OF CONTROL. I guess I should have known better.

    It’s always interesting to go through your stats and see what kind of crazy things people are searching for.

  12. LOL… Yes, but it’s a very satisfying feeling to know that these perverts were, no doubt, very disappointed after they arrived. 🙂

  13. “Like a monkey on a cupcake”? What the…?
    I wouldn’t mind seeing some Batgirl Porn, however.
    The strangest one I’ve ever had was “Tokyo Crazy Sex MC Hammer.”
    I like the fact that people type this weird stuff in, then take the time to read our blogs.

  14. Welcome Back Roaf! Today someone searched for, “In the afternoon sunshine porn” WTF? LMAO!!

  15. Oh, man, I will spare you the terms use to find my blog.

    Suffice it to say that the blog is called Donkey Punch, and I commonly refer to Dick Cheney as Big Dick.

  16. Thanks for stopping by t4toby! I’ll have to check out your blog…

  17. some of these are hilarious!

  18. I think it’s very telling that my number one search term on Christmas Day was: BDSM.

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