Today, one of our high school part timers was saying that her friends were talking about some of the unusual experiences they’ve had at their various places of employment. Our part-timer told the tale of a patron who called asking a question about what the dew point would be for the following week. The ridiculousness of this question wasn’t lost on the teens discussing what they do, they were all exceedingly amused.

This got me thinking about an amusing comment that she made about me last week. During an exceptionally frantic and freak filled afternoon, she paused and asked, “Woeful, how does it feel to be the only normal male in the building?”

“… Pretty damn lonely,” I said.


~ by Woeful on November 29, 2007.

11 Responses to “Compliments”

  1. Membership has its privileges, though. Am I right?

  2. There are only three men in our library, including myself. Unless you count IT (3 more) and facilities (4 more), but among the full-time library staff, yeah, just three of us. Generally a non-issue, but there are occasions where strength in numbers can be a good thing, such as making the case for books/events of interest specifically to the male population of patrons. There are actually times we’ve had to push a strong argument for books on car repair, sports, and male medical issues. Unbelievable.

    I’m not sure if the other staff would think of me as “normal”. Makes sense, because I do tend to think of most of them as “whacked”. Especially during such meetings.

  3. Hi G: There are a few other guys who work @ the Library, mostly in Tech Services, but I was the only guy in the building at the time she made the remark. We’re all relatively, “normal” when compared to our clientele 🙂

  4. I always find it amusing to observe new work studies encounter crazy ass patrons for the first time. Afterwards, I break it to them that libraries are not, in fact, filled with scholars and sages but with the homeless and pedophiles.

    It’s a hard knock life @ your library.

  5. … Little did they know that they would be plumbers, sign makers, and social workers when they were in Library School.

  6. Plumbers, sign makers, social workers and PENCIL SHARPENERS. I sharpened a patrons bag o’ pencils for her today. I won’t even go into the details. I blogged about it and one telling is all I can handle.

    Oh, how I love crazy patrons.

  7. We just direct patrons to the wall mounted sharpener and let them go…

  8. Our wall-mounted sharpener is completely and utterly busted. The board won’t pay for a new one.


  9. You don’t have any petty change? Isn’t a sharpener like $3? Hell, I would just buy one if I had to keep sharpening peoples boxes of pencils like that… It would be well worth it.

  10. Pencils…. don’t even get me started on the pencils….

  11. Haaaa!

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