We Aim To Please!

A woman came in earlier today and exclaimed that “We” just saved her a lot of money. After inquiring further as to how we managed this great feat, the woman told us that she found a coupon for Depends, and how she can really use them because of her, “peeing problem.”


… Another satisfied customer.


~ by Woeful on November 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “We Aim To Please!”

  1. Isn’t nice when patrons share?

  2. It’s truly amazing what people share, Angsty!

  3. You said it woeful. My favorite response of all time was when a patron/library user said “I could’ve conceived and delivered the brat by the time you looked up the info”…a rather proud MLS moment for me.

  4. Haha I just pissed my pants laughing. Maybe she can lend me a pair…

  5. Some people…

  6. Should this be phrased ‘We aim to PEES?’

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