Signage Fun!

Many library bloggers post signs that they find interesting. Many of these signs use the red circle and slash to drive home their point. Since this is the slowest time of the year @ the Library, I decided to make some of my own signs for your amusement. I would love to see the following signs posted @ the Library. If you like them, feel free to use them at your own library, or wherever you find inappropriate.

Cell PhonesDouchetoothTBCoffee!Children


Also, Be Sure To Check Out The Sign I Posted To Celebrate Independence Day!

~ by Woeful on November 23, 2007.

24 Responses to “Signage Fun!”

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  2. I could really use that fifth sign…

  3. I can really use the third sign, it’s been like a TB ward.

  4. I need the first sign, cell phone monologues are the pits.

  5. 🙂

  6. I attended a chili cookoff years ago, and #5 reminds me of a sign posted at one of the booths:

    “All children running loose and unattended will be made into chili.” 🙂

    (and, sort of a tangent, but involving children…I had to change planes on my trip home from Thanksgiving, and on BOTH FLIGHTS, there was a crying child in the row behind me. Not the same child, though. The first child was sitting right behind me. Yes, she was cute, but she had a set of lungs on her that didn’t quit throughout the two+ hour flight…to top it off, we were “early” and had to sit on the runway waiting for a gate. For a long time. Once we got to the gate, the cute little girl was all smiles. Her mother said “it’s a good thing you’re cute, kid.” And she apologized to someone behind her, who said that was ok– she felt for the mother. All I can say is, thank gawd for iPods…

  7. Yes indeed, iPods are great in SO many ways! I too had a screaming child behind me on my flight out… Scotch + iPod = Better attitude. At least I didn’t have one of those #3s on the plane with me…

  8. Great signs, Woeful! Love the last one.

  9. Thanks VL! I particularly like that baby graphic.

  10. Love the Noise one! Brilliant!

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  12. I wish I could post the TB one. There”s a guy we call “The TB Guy” who’s been coming in here for a couple of months and hacks up a lung!!

  13. Just wait another month, everyone who walks through the door will be like a character from 12 Monkeys… Ick! I always feel like carrying a can of Lysol around and hosing people down with it.

  14. Have you put these up on flickr? If not, would you mind if I did so since I’m the creator of the “Library Signage” group. ( Of course, I’ll give you all the credit.

  15. I was watching some show about “teen speak” and heard that the “kids” refer to BlueTooth wearers as “BlueTools!” I LOVE that! And I also have th urge to mist people down with Lysol…

  16. Hi Michael: I’ll put them up on Flickr! tonight… And yes, of course you can copy them, in fact I encourage it!

    Thanks for stopping by, Cool One. Tis the season for the plague… Ho-Ho-Ho!!

  17. For anyone interested, I just uploaded the signs to Flickr!

  18. You’ve probably already seen that sign about unattended children that made the Internet rounds a while back. If not, here’s one of the many websites that feature it:

  19. Hi there Puma_Lib! Yes, I did see that… Very funny 🙂

  20. Unattended children will be sold at the nearest auction?

    Probably not as funny.

  21. I wanted to throw Buddy Sunshine into the pit with the homeless today, and watch them fight over the meat.

  22. Wow, I think the TB sign would fit well in many libraries, especially during cold and flu season. Doesn’t it bother you when someone stops by the library with their sick child and says, “We just came from the doctor’s office and they said little Johnny has strep throat and has to stay home from school… so we thought we’d bring him to the library and get some movies for him to watch while he’s at home.”

  23. Hello TBL! Yeah, no love when that happens…

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