Meet Kindle

Earlier today, announced a new product that they have been developing for the last three years, a content delivery tool they named, “Kindle.” It’s a sleek and sexy reader that weighs less than a paperback, and retails for $399, and provides access to free news, and $9.99 Times Best Sellers. News/magazine/blog content is delivered automatically via a free wireless connection (no subscription fees required! Magazine subscriptions are about $2/mo. and newspapers are about $10/mo. ) that is available from anywhere and does not require “Hot Spot” access.

Is this the killer eBook app everyone has been waiting for? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain, certainly has the funding, and the brainpower behind them to make it happen… I have high hopes for Kindle!Kindle


~ by Woeful on November 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “Meet Kindle”

  1. Hi Woeful, I have posted some thoughts on this at the following, if I may add to your topic:

    I still love books…nonetheless, Kindle has got some opportunity and its potential adepts.. will see!!

  2. This reminds me of the Googlezon video, produced by the Museum of Media History. I’ll have to give it another look, and see if anything like this is mentioned. ::shiver::

  3. Hmmm. I’m not an early adopter. But I think Kindle will have its purpose (travel, primarily). There’s still something about turning a page, leafing through a magazine, folding a newspaper to the story I’m reading, etc., that will always have its appeal to me.

  4. One thing I can say is that it would be awesome if Amazon let me have digital versions of the books I have already bought through my Amazon account.

  5. Hi: The question is, what is a book? Furthermore, many people today actually consider listening to audiobooks to be “”reading.” Anyway, I am disappointed by Kindle’s lack of free news. I thought it was coming bundled with a few newspapers and magazines subscriptions which really would have been its “killer app.” Still, it’s a great way to consolidate textbooks!

  6. […] can’t get past it this week.  Amazon launched its own digital book reader.  The question that some of us ask is if […]

  7. Kindle really piques my interest as well. I hope it will move quickly through the fad period and keep coming down in price.

  8. Man… I can’t get into the idea of eBooks. Audiobooks, yes, but it’s bad enough I spend all day reading stuff on the internet… I need that physical book in my hands or my eyes will sting soooo bad :X

  9. See your point..I personally believe that some experiences come in a sort of “full package”, and thus a book cannot be limited to the actual flow of ideas, story, whatever that in the author’s mind constitute the object-book. It is not, in my opinion, just the written words… we may want to define it “essence”, the ultimate mashing different attributes into a coherent unicum..listening to audiobooks is, in fact, listening to a story. Whether that was previously written in a book format, is irrelevant.. thus is “book” an experience, or put it otherwise, the way/medium you experience to approach someone’s thinking?!?!?
    And yes, a bundle with top-notch news would have made a hit..

  10. I want to like ebooks, but the bound monograph still wins out… It’s a great design.

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