What’s Groser Than Gross?

When a patron uses the dental floss that comes as an insert in the newspaper… And then puts it back… One end attached to the spindle, the other end still attached to the cardboard insert packaging.


~ by Woeful on November 3, 2007.

10 Responses to “What’s Groser Than Gross?”

  1. Are you making that up? I did not even know dental floss came as an insert in newspaper. I am totally suspicious but cannot imagine actually making that up.

  2. I’m not making it up. One of our part-timers was collecting the papers as we do at the end of each day, and noticed an insert with a trial-size dental floss that was most definitely used (To quote her, “Ewwww!”). What would possess someone to reinsert the floss into the newspaper after using it is beyond me. I’m sure it was quite a sight as the person had to floss while holding the spindle in one hand and the cardboard insert in the other since it wasn’t detached from either… FREAKS!!

    LOL, and I didn’t think that I was going to have anything to blog about today.

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

  4. Nasty.

  5. I think the next time I enter a public library, I’ll try haz-mat gear.

  6. The liberal use of hand sanitizer is highly recommended 🙂

  7. Republicans should use hand sanitizer too, Woe. Especially Republicans. Do not be descriminatory.

  8. My former branch manager once found a strip of raw bacon used as a bookmark.

    And I once had a guy who paid his fines with sweat-soaked dollar bills he pulled out of his underpants.

  9. We have a guy I call Stink Paw who pays fines the same way…

  10. Heh. Well, I used a LOT of handsanitizer, on myself and sprayed the money and the cash register drawer with lysol after he left.

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