Special Ed is Perplexed

Candice Michelle


Special Ed inadvertently reset the desktop of one of our Internet computer’s to display the wallpaper shown above as he was scouring the WWE’s website. “Ed” became extremely dismayed that he couldn’t remove the wallpaper once he set it. We have those controls locked down tight, so nobody sets them to display porn, or a scrolling banner reading something obscene. Little did I think when I became a librarian, that we’d be scrubbing WWE Superstar Candice Michelle‘s image from our desktop, yet in vain my colleague scrubs… Time to reboot!


~ by Woeful on October 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Special Ed is Perplexed”

  1. Cyber Sunday is going to be a big pay-per-view.

    Wait until we release our widgets and countdown clocks. Special Ed will love it!

  2. It’s nice to see the WWE represent here at @ the Library! The funniest part about it was when the next patron got on the machine and closed all the windows… SHOCK – WTF!?

  3. I’m gonna see boobies YAY!! I’ve got mail YAY!! I’m in the library YAY!! YAY!!

  4. LMAO! Welcome Eric.

  5. She’s gorgeous!

  6. She is VERY nice.

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