World Domination?

“The Books Are Talking to Me” guy was sitting in the corner today, methodically spinning the Library’s fairly large globe around as he muttered to himself… At length.


~ by Woeful on October 10, 2007.

15 Responses to “World Domination?”

  1. I wonder what his story is…I’d be willing to bet it’s an interesting tale.

    You should find out! Have a coffee with him!

  2. I hear tell that he was a very bright guy who flipped out while in grad school many years ago… Oddly enough, he was trying to earn his M.L.S.

  3. NO! Seriously?

  4. Sadly, nothing I write here is made up, K.

  5. His female counterpart comes into my library every Sunday.
    Also very bright but went over the edge.
    Though she occasionally barks to let us know she is leaving.

  6. Wow. An MLS drove him over the edge. I can honestly see exactly how that could happen.

    I hope I’m not muttering to globes in 20 years. Although, talking to globes would actually be preferable to talking to some of my coworkers.

  7. I wish I had enough time in my day to sit in a library corner, listen to the books and spin a globe on my finger like a basketball. That would be heaven.

  8. One of my favorite patrons (I’m weird) when I worked at a large public library was a man who wasn’t too bad when he was on his meds, but would rant and rave at the staff when he wasn’t. I think he had once accused the library staff of breaking in his apt. across the street. One day, the door to the auditorium was open, and he had wandered in and played the grand piano. They said he attended Julliard. I was fond of him (but not fond enough to give him a ride home one night from the college library when he recognized me there!)

  9. Yes, I was also wondering this. How do so many people find so much time to enjoy themselves everyday at the library?! I need to get in their profession. Unfortunately, our school library is nowhere nearly as exciting as some of the public ones around here.

  10. I’m fairly certain it has something to do with unemployment…

  11. We get the Payphone People.

    There’s Drunk Eddie, who comes in every few days to use the phone to call his sister. Can smell the beer on the guy from 30 feet away. We haven’t seen as much of him since the payphone rates rose from 25c to 50. I guess that cuts a bit too much into the beer budget.

    Then there’s Jobless Joe. Joe is always using the payphone to call potential employers to beg forgiveness for missing or having to cancel job interviews. Nice guy, but a tad scattered. It seems that something always gets in the way, whenever he has an interview. And I bet he has no idea why he can’t land a job anywhere.

    Good blog – feel free to link over, I’ll do the same.

    G the Library Bitch

  12. … I see the bitch is back. Welcome G! Thanks for the compliment, I’ll link over.

  13. “Sadly, nothing I write here is made up, K.”

    That is, not until you get busted with this blog ! lol xoxox

  14. I worked for seven years for our community mental health center as a street level case manager. My office was at our local homeless shelter. Now I’m finishing my MLS next month and work at the reference desk of the downtown branch of the public library. Same clients – different setting.

  15. Woeful, if it’s not too much trouble, could you link-back to the original blogs on this guy? Since I’m a newbie here I wouldn’t know where to look and I’m too curious for my own darn good.

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