Sexing Up the Library!

Dame Deviant

A short while ago, I posted about the Mud Flap Girl library marketing campaign launched in Wyoming. Now, in the October issue of American Libraries, that’s the monthly publication of the American Library Association to all you civilians out there, there are two very interesting marketing related stories. First, there’s Teen Services Librarian April Witteveen (pictured at right) who skates under the name “Dame Deviant,” with the “12-Gauge Rage” (part of the Lava City Roller Dolls) roller derby team based out of Bend, Oregon. Her skating number is 796.21, the Dewey number for roller sports. I love the “Support Libraries” tag that she sports on her caboose… One more thing to flap about!

But that’s not what I’m really here to talk about, what I’m really here to talk about is the article entitled, “The Powers of Attraction” that ran in the same issue. Apparently, staffers at Penn State Altoona’s Eiche Library hosted a both at the annual student health fair. In order to market the library, the staff wore bright blue, “Sex On Campus” T-Shirts and set-up a laptop that linked to a Sex Quiz crafted by the library staff. They gave away bookmarks that highlighted sexual subject areas such as “contraception,” and “STDs,” and for an added bonus, they provided complimentary condoms with circular labels they printed that read:

Eiche Library

Facts you need

Between the covers


The library’s booth was heavily trafficked for the entire duration of the Sex On Campus event. 150 students took the quiz, 150 bookmarks were taken, and 330 condoms were distributed in a five-hour period! The library’s booth was such a success that they intend to offer two laptops next year to meet the demand for the quiz. Incidentally, Avery #5293 round labels are exactly condom sized… Just in case you ever need to label your glove.


~ by Woeful on October 4, 2007.

16 Responses to “Sexing Up the Library!”

  1. With the people we get here in the library, sex is the last thing I want them talking about. Eeeeeeeeew, I do not want that image in my head! hahaha

  2. Haaaaaaa! For the most part I can totally relate, that said, I’ve dated women I met in the library too…

  3. Not sure if -after the ‘Mud Flap’ sticker and this, if sexing up a library is a good idea. I hope this isn’t a new library trend….yech!

  4. Hello Angsty! I’m of the corporate Machiavellian mindset regarding this, if it’s achieving the desired outcome (more bodies in the building/more circ.) I’m all for it. Regardless, offering free condoms is beneficial for public heath.

  5. […] has recently been of rash of sexed-up marketing in the library world. A few weeks ago, Wyoming Libraries caused quite a stir in the profession […]

  6. It flashed through my head what would my grandmother have to say about this and now I know exactly what she would have to say about it and have to go sit in the corner and contemplate my willful ways.

    Jeez, thanks a lot Woe.

  7. 😉

  8. Woeful, you would be the ideal candidate to start the Hot Librarian Calendar that a friend of mine and I were discussing while drooling over the 2008 Hot Heroes (firemen) calendar. From the response I’ve been getting lately about my “profession” and your website, I think you would find quite a few months worth… and quite a few buyers… Already on

  9. Hi Lorie: I was just reading somewhere that Playboy featured librarians many years ago. As an aside, here’s good albeit “old” sexy library story about a librarian who traded places with a Vegas Showgirl for a day.

    LMAO! I’ll be accepting photos for the, “Make Woeful Happy – Hottest Librarians in the Land Calendar” via email stating now. If I get a dozen outstanding contestants, I’ll even come out of retirement as a photographer, and shoot it myself (in another life, I was an award-winning photographer)!

    Mail all entries to: Woeful [dot] Librarian [at] Gmail [dot] com

  10. There was the 2006 Desperate Librarians calendar:

  11. Those progressive Wisconsin-ites know how to get ‘er done.

  12. Thanks for the link PL!

  13. Thank you for coming up with this idea

  14. That’s what I do, I’m an idea man.

  15. Can you guys start ‘roiding up the library? You know, so I can cruise for blonde Germanic athletes? You can start selling posters that say, “This is your mind on books” – showing beefy types lifting up a stack. Mmmm, yeah!


  16. LMAO!! “This is your mind on books.”
    – Love It!

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