Hobo Tech.

Today, I had a very frustrating experience with an A: drive. A homeless couple decided they needed to do a little word processing and slipped a floppy disk into the drive that looked as if it was run over by a car… Twice. When they were finished they became dismayed that they couldn’t eject their wretched removable media. In a futile attempt to free the diskette, a staff member tried using a paper clip and tweezers to no avail. Then they asked me to help…

I don’t fuck around when stuff like this happens, so out came the needle-nose pliers, and with one hard yank, out came the disk along with the door to the A: drive, and without the little metal door that protects the magnetic disk.

… It’s now the ghost in the machine.


~ by Woeful on September 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “Hobo Tech.”

  1. Man your so hardcore beating up on town property like that what a fucking rebel

  2. There was no way that disk was coming out any other way. Any other business would have charged them for breaking their shit… They told me that they really needed the disk, and I aim to please! 🙂

  3. I fucking hate the a drives on our machines. Half of them don’t work. I FINALLY got the library to sell USB drives, and now I am telling everyone that soon the a drives will be closed (even if that’s not entirely true). Some days I just hate patrons….

  4. It’s truly unbelievable, Jessica. The only good thing about it is that that PC is scheduled to be replaced in about a month. In the mean time, I put a piece of wide scotch tape over the drive with “Out of Order” written across it.

  5. i think you could try to dig for the metal thingy…
    i’ve heard some schools have banned floppy discs with metal covers b/c they get mangled and stuck in a drives.

  6. Hi Shirley! I’m not too concerned… This PC’s days are numbered anyway.

  7. When I worked in the schools a while back I kept a set of plastic tweezers from radio Shack for the sole purpose of digging those out of A drives.

  8. Hi Jeff: I’d be more concerned if the PC wasn’t already scheduled to be replaced. Hopefully, it will be put out of its misery by the end of the month.

  9. Wow. Like an abortion.

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