Not Cool

Airport cops: we don’t keep track of your books (unless they’re *suspicious* books) – Boing Boing


~ by Woeful on September 21, 2007.

12 Responses to “Not Cool”

  1. A very strange story…and a sad one. Those charged with fighting crime and terrorism have taken it upon themselves to note the crap people read on planes to keep them from wondering when the last scheduled maintenance on this bird was (since deregulation, such niceties are, apparently, voluntary as far as some airlines care concerned). Now, how is is supposed to enhance security is a question no one is likely to answer. Interesting post, you can always rely on Boing Boing to dig good stuff up…

    Libraries are a second home to me, by the way, and I’ve never met a librarian yet I didn’t like. Well, maybe the one who told me (a writer) that she really didn’t read that much.

  2. Thanks for visiting Cliff! Sadly, I know a lot of librarians who don’t read many books anymore. It’s largely because we tend to get burnt reading dozens of book reviews when deciding what to purchase… That said, I don’t know any who don’t read at all.

  3. I read “V For Vendetta” on a flight from L.A. to New York about three years ago. I’m sure that put me some list or another…. :p

  4. Hi Mike! I’m sure we’re all on some list or another these days…

  5. Feh. Getting on an airplane has become so much like being booked into jail I almost never fly anymore. And it galls me that no one ever seems to acknowledge that if the procedures that were in place on 9/11 had been followed the attacks would have been stopped. Living in a police state does not make any of us safer.

  6. Welcome Alan! Living in a police state doesn’t make it any safer, all it does is take away the rights that were bestowed upon us by the Founding Fathers… Keep reading!

  7. You mean like The Anarchist’s Cookbook? lol

    I wonder if magazines such as Playboy falls under that category. I can totally see security confiscating my porn just because…

    Don’t ask. Cuz I’m not telling.

  8. Anarchist’s Cookbook IS in the banned books list!

    … Just how much porn do you travel with? 🙂

  9. If you count “Godzilla” then just one. One single lone item.

  10. 🙂

  11. [blink]

  12. You can blink all you want but there is no way…you can miss “The Godzilla.”

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