Nice Flap

Mud Flap Girl

I discovered this interesting ad campaign from Wyoming Libraries, over at Tame the Web.


~ by Woeful on September 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “Nice Flap”

  1. no joke, I drew that same design for a library campaign 2 years ago (but with boobs), but it was rejected. (I wish I could find the picture again…)

  2. LOL… I was thinking she’s a little light on top as well… I mean, if you’re going to do the mud flap, you really need to go full on truck stop.

  3. I think the people at their library are just obviously cuter than the ones at mine. That explains that.

  4. Here’s a bookmark you can print of the image There is a discussion going on about this image (and how the boobs were removed to make her more “youthful”) on many listservs now and whether it objectifies or empowers women, and how some of the Wyoming Libraries are omitting this particular marketing tool. Hmm….

  5. Welcome Lorie: “Shifting Gears!” I love it. Once thing is for certain, it looks like they got some serious visibility out of this campaign.

    … Sadly, my idea to hire pole dances to work atop the Circulation Desk went nowhere. They were to work as an arm of the non-profit “Friends of the Library,” and donate all of their collected singles to help secure additional Library resources.

    The powers that be have no “vision.”

  6. Yeah, she needs a pair of bolt-ons. And amazingly, it won’t cost her a dime!


  7. 😉

  8. BTW, Woeful, do you have this librarian listed under your blogroll?

  9. I’ve never seen the site before, but I love the link to “Knitting Relaxes Me!”

  10. Well. I am rather partial to “The Lipstick Librarian.”

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