Sid & Nancy

Snowflake was in again today with her husband, “Skippy.” Snowflake is usually coked out of her gourd, and her husband seems to be on some heavy depressants. At one point, Snowflake began yelling for Skippy to wake up from across the room. This had no effect, so she walked up to him and shook him awake.

Skippy immediately went from unconscious to belligerent, and an argument ensued. Shortly thereafter, they decide to leave the building. Still talking, they both stand up and begin making their exit. I notice that Skippy has an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips, but he doesn’t let this hinder his conversation in any way as they walk down the central staircase. They disappear out of view, and then, breaking the silence, I hear “Hello? Hello? HELLO!?”

I guess he got a phone call?


~ by Woeful on September 13, 2007.

8 Responses to “Sid & Nancy”

  1. Hey, my dad’s real, legal name was Skippy! LOL! Your stories are always entertaining!

  2. Glad you like what I do… I wish that I could write that its all fiction, sadly, every word of it’s true.

  3. What interesting characters. I’d have a years worth of cartoons already done if I had your job.

  4. It sure does make going to the office every day interesting, Jeremy.

  5. I might have a blog crush on you. my boyfriend’s dad works at the Library and I have no idea if his experience is as colorful as yours. Oh wait, there IS the guy who works.. in the basement. Yes, he works IN THE BASEMENT and he’ll sometimes come to work dresses as Chewbacca. Not on halloween.

  6. Thanks for the love kellysmack!
    LMAO… Chewie! Too funny.

  7. […] Sid & Nancy […]

  8. Drug run.

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