Favorite Games

Since everyone seems to be so enthralled by Book Worm, I decided to post a list of my favorite free online games:

Endless Zombie Rampage – Excellent for blowing off steam after dealing with library Irregulars all day long.

Puki – Equally as enjoyable, but better played with a mouse… SO cute!

Jelly Jumper – This game is fantastic… Talk about addictive!

And here’s another, but different “library” related game, Escape the Library.

Below are a few of my favorite free Palm games:

DopeWars – Sell dope in NYC. Payoff your loan shark and, hopefully, retire a millionaire in the Caribbean.

Space Trader – Excellent strategy game. Get rich, and buy yourself a moon!

Vexed – Amazing puzzle game that’s just as addictive as Book Worm.

Space War – A great Star Trek battle simulation… Play against multiple AI opponents.


PalmaSutra – The free and portable Palm-based Kama Sutra 😉


~ by Woeful on August 20, 2007.

11 Responses to “Favorite Games”

  1. Endless Zombie Rampage?! Holy crap, no work is getting done today. Thanks.

  2. Just doing my part. Try the HK21, the CZ 97b, and last but not least, the Benelli M3!

  3. D’OH! Even if I *wanted* to play them at work (well, yeah I WANT to!) the district has them blocked. [sigh] I’ve gotta try the Endless Zombie Rampage when I get home, though!

  4. I found Dope Wars several years ago and put it on my Treo. I loved that one. Especially the “shoot out” option. I need to find my Treo and power it up to play that one again.

  5. Lemurtx, let me know how you like it!

    Hi Dailytri! DopeWars is a fantastic way to kill a few minutes any chance you get… Even while waiting in the grocery line.

  6. DOPE WARS? Oh my god, Woeful – can these only be played on your Palm?

  7. My Treo has not realized its full potential – until Woeful came along. Bless you, son!

  8. I believe that there’s an online version but I’ve never played it…

  9. Puki totally rocks….now if I can only get past level 2 before the next patron!

  10. great list, those made my list too

  11. Cool! I’m glad you like them… Thanks for stopping by.

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