I found a game today… Well, alright, I found it a while ago, but I haven’t been able to put it to the test until today. It’s called Bookworm and I can’t stop playing it. Here’s a quest for anyone up to the challenge. Best my score of 141,150 @ level 8. I achieved the rank of Senior Librarian! In fact, I just bought a copy for my Palm Pilot…


~ by Woeful on August 19, 2007.

21 Responses to “Addicted”

  1. It does not like Firefox much it kept grabbing letters I did not select and trying to link them instead of what I was trying to select. Sehr annoying.

  2. Max mit dem Deutsch!

    Humm… I’ve been playing using Firefox all day without problems. Maybe it’s AOL? I wouldn’t put it past them. Two things that consistently jam out library PCs are MySpace and AOL… Try again later.

  3. Oh… If you double-click on the last letter of a word it automatically clears it. Maybe that’s what’s happening? It took me a while to get used to that. I just logged back in and it seems OK.

  4. I hit 11 once, a while ago, after playing for about three hours nonstop. If I can share any secret, it would be to try to clear the letters at the bottom whenever possible.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Emily! I’ll have to try that. I was using the opposite approach eliminating the letters at the top whenever possible.

  6. hey ..i am better away from these games 🙂
    not because i cant play it..but because i dont want to eat the highest scores around the world

  7. It kept crashing Firefox but I got it to play in Safari. I scored 184,680 and am a master librarian.

    I like this game. I get your job now right Woeful?

  8. Thanks for stopping by Arvind!

    Master Librarian… Excellent Max, I was wondering what came next! What level was that? I got to the end of 8 and had like 7 fiery tiles to deal with, and I couldn’t eliminate them fast enough.

  9. OMG, I discovered this a couple of years ago, and was addicted also. I had to stop, as I wasn’t getting anything done. I had downloaded it to my pc, and finally uninstalled it! Someone mentioned it recently and I went back to play it again. I don’t remember my highest score, but I’m sure somewhere along the line I hit master librarian. I don’t DARE touch it at work or else I’ll stop production altogether!!!

  10. I am not sure. The last game I scored 237,780 and I think I was past level eleven but I was not really paying attention to levels.

    Great, as if tetriz was not enough of an addiction….

  11. LOL!! If you think that’s bad try having it on a Palm Pilot…

  12. That game is SWEET! All the people at the Circ Desk play it on a daily basis. I don’t really have the time in the Children’s Room, but I’ll do my best to beat your score if I get a chance later in the day.

  13. Let me know how it goes, K!

  14. Okay my lawyers will be filimg for loss of wages due to me playing this game too much.

  15. Tell me about it! Have you tried any of the others I suggested?

  16. Noooooo! I was all set to break my high score and my battery died. BALLS!

  17. Others? Are you crazed? I am already playing this one too much. I am now a “lexographer.”

    [I have no idea what a lexographer is.]

  18. I would definitely stay away from Jelly Jumper then…

    I memory serves, I believe a “lexographer” is someone who studies a language (i.e., lexicon). This seems apropos.

  19. Ok, I just played but I sucked. I’ll try again but this time I’ll lay off the bag of Sour Skittles!

  20. You should try the Palm version, it’s WAY harder… I haven’t even made it past level 4 😦

  21. love to play – hit lexographer today (600,000 plus). My fav was “wordhoarder” – came after archivist, after librarian. Like to play from the top. You’re right – it’s sooooooo addictive….

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