Snail Mail

A while back, we had a guy request a list of companies that deal in two specific NAICS codes via the good old USPS. He also stated that he’s handicapped and unable to get to the Library. Fine, this happens every now and again and we aim to please! So, I logged into the Thomas Register and found the lists he wanted, however, he wasn’t very clear on a few salient points. No problem I thought, I can clarify this with just a short telephone call, but wait… The man lives all the way across the State, and he didn’t provide any phone number, just his address.

OK… I do my best given the information at hand, and make a few educated guesses as to the exact NAICSes he’s looking for. I also write a short letter explaining that he should feel free to contact me if he needs anything else. So, a week goes by, and sure enough I get another letter Pony Express style from the same guy.

He responded that the companies I selected would work nicely for his purposes… However, he also needs the mailing addresses for each of them.

Now fair readers, allow me to explain that the list consisted of two sets of twenty companies, and their respective cities. Because of how they are formatted, looking up and transcribing the addresses for each of the 40 companies, would take far too long for our staff to do… So we don’t do stuff like this. It’s like calling us and asking us to find an obituary from a newspaper that ran last year sometime between November and January.

We simply don’t have the time, or the manpower to conduct this kind of research, so we can’t provide the service. The best we can do, is provide the resources that the information is contained within, and give some basic instruction as to what approach would be best to ferret out the desired results. So, now I have to explain our policy to this guy, in writing, send the envelope out via motorized carriage… And sometime before Halloween, he will hopefully receive word that we aren’t able to provide the information he wants. Sigh…

~ by Woeful on August 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Snail Mail”

  1. across the state? why the hell would he not use the the library in his own town?

  2. Exactly! Why indeed? Maybe he’s just working his way through every library in the State until he finds one that will do this for him? That said, since he’s doing this all through the mail, I hope he doesn’t hold his breath.

  3. The inefficiency of some is astounding……my lord! I wonder if someone, somewhere will do for him, that which he could have done instead of writing letters to you.

  4. I sympathize with the dude’s plight. He’d disabled, OK. Why is he writing letters? Maybe he can’t afford a phone, again OK. But why he is he sending letters across the State, instead of to his hometown library is anyone’s guess? Even snail mail would have a lot quicker turn around time within the same town. Like I wrote, chances are he has exhausted all other possibilities, because it’s something few, if any, public libraries have the resources to do.

  5. […] in the day, I finally got word back about my inquiry into the guy who sent us the Snail Mail reference question a few weeks back. The Assistant Director (AD) of the library from the guys […]

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