Circuitous Routes

This has been an truly uninteresting week @ the Library, but an exceptionally interesting week regarding the search terms people have used to find this blog. Here’s an annotated list of my favorite terms from the last seven days – Enjoy:

bat girl librarian – Yes she was
librarian hall of shame – The hall of shame is reserved for the most irregular of Irregulars
deborah gibson naked in playboy – A perennial favorite…
Hobo – Yup
librarianwoes – You found me!
suicidegirls – You have good taste
humor cock – What?
hot librarian porn – Is there any other kind?
librarian iron ons – You really need to get out more
colostomy bag spillage – ?
vampire Batgirl – Vampire Librarian, could they be looking for you?
pornman porn man porn-man – Enough already
tiny librarian sex – Humm…
web2.0 technologies libraries – It’s nice to see that “some” library science actually gets discussed here
monkey on a cupcake – LMAO!
library shelver humor – So sad
library mofo – There are many
batgirl porn – Haven’t we already gone over this?
wrong hole porn – And you are here why?
Freakalicious – Yes, yes it is!
what are the uses of the library – Homeless shelter, baby sitter, keeper of useful things, and perhaps some research as well
how to stop a runny nose – Err… Blow it
libraries librarians patrons aggressive – Sometimes
hot grandmas – You need help
nude photos of Deborah Gibson – An amazingly popular subject
tired of being a public librarian – Not yet, it makes for good blog fodder
weirdos – You’ve come to the right place
mr blobby naked – You are a SERIOUSLY disturbed individual
man undone pants – Why do you ask?
sexfilm paris hilton – It’s called “One Night in Paris,” and you will be disappointed.


~ by Woeful on August 16, 2007.

10 Responses to “Circuitous Routes”

  1. I killed my blog because of the search words.

  2. Nah, I only get the freaks who like to lick arm pits. Who knew that was a sex fetish?

    There is a tiny little librarian ( I wonder if the perv went to her site.

  3. Hilarious! My most infamous post is on the 80s rock band Journey. I am amazed at the daily searches that bring Journey and Steve Perry fans to my blog – and a bit scared as well that people enjoy living in the past to this extreme.

  4. I’m glad I haven’t encountered any armpit lickers… Let me just take this opportunity to say, Nasty! LOL, I was thinking the same thing about TLL.

    … Thoughts TLL?

  5. who the fuck is Mr Blobby?

  6. Mr. Blobby is a British cartoon character.

  7. holy shit I learned something new!

  8. Mr. Blobby is enough to give anyone nightmares.

  9. lol@dailytri – those people would be someone like my brother!

    Woeful, as much as I’d like to, I can’t lay claim to colostomy bag spillage. Apparently, this is a common problem.

  10. mr blobby is my idol yay! and sum1 is seriously wrong! Hot grandmas!

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