Question of the Day: With Explanation

Do you have a typewriter for public use? I dropped mine.


~ by Woeful on August 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Question of the Day: With Explanation”

  1. Like that doesn’t make you hesitant from the very start to let them use it?

  2. Haha, for some reason this really made me laugh. I am not sure as to why. However, I am sad to say no. My mother would not part with hers anyways. Pack rats. tsk tsk. Try an auction or flea market. Craigslist?

  3. Hello Cara. Tell me about it. You can never patron proof the place enough! Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Hi There Lisa M. Haaaaa! It made me cringe at first, then as I though about it it made me laugh. Something about needing to volunteer that information that she “dropped” her typewriter! A typewriter is a good thing to have on hand for forms and such… The few things that still can’t be done on a PC.

  4. Yes, LibX has a typewriter. The ONLY one on campus. When students come seeking it, they act like they’ve found the holy grail.

  5. Greetings and felicitations, Vampire Librarian. It’s good to see you here! Truth be told, we don’t have any typewriters for public use. I think this a mistake, but it’s not my call. The lady was none too happy when she found out. I read a list of libraries in the area that do have typewriters for public use, and the woman became quite incredulous that every public library doesn’t have one.

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