Today, I discovered a sign with the above wording. It looked old, and it was not posted. I have never seen it before, and I hope never to see it again.

That’s right, you are not allowed to have any fun whatsoever, @ the Library. That is all.


~ by Woeful on July 31, 2007.

11 Responses to “Signs”

  1. Check out some of the more interesting ones that just came in:

    1. Hogan Clone :

    2. 30 Years of Collecting:

    3. Powerbomb Thru a Probe:

  2. Free ECW from McMahon’s clutches!

  3. Those all-powerful library boards wielding their power again!

  4. The buck stops at the Board. The Board is appointed by the Mayor. If the Board wants us the sit around and knit all day, we knit… Including the Library Director.

  5. They forgot to include smiling, laughing, and happiness in general.

  6. Hi G.I.L.: I know. After I saw it I was like, “What the hell? Make no mistake, you will have NO fun here – Ever!” I’m glad it got put out to pasture.

  7. Oh geez. Once I saw a bunch of kids skateboarding in our parking lot and I was tempted to say something like, “I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that here, but I’m not going to say anything. Just watch your backs cos there’s some cranky old people around here who might turn you in.” :X Considering they were in the very back corner of the parking lot and not bothering anybody… maybe I’m just too nice?

  8. I think that leeway is a good thing to give as well, Cara. After all, we want teens to use the library. However, we need to keep the place safe too, so when things get out of hand action sometimes needs to be taken to keep it a welcoming place for everyone. It’s quite a balancing act sometimes.

  9. when you are a slms you don’t argue with patrons, you just have to put up with them calling you names… So do you recommend that public librarians take up a weight training program?? 😉

  10. How about fornication? Any rules written up for that one?

  11. Hello Lippy, welcome to the party! Yes, SLMSs put up with a lot… That’s School Library Media Specialist for all you civilians out there. LOL, I recommend that everyone try to keep a healthy body and mind. Weightlifting is a good stress reliever, I highly recommend it, that and the elliptical. After about 10 minutes of searing pain it’s all good.

    SG, you’re incorrigible. 🙂 There are no Library rules against “fornication.” I believe those laws, however, fall under the indecent exposure statutes and such…

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