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Scream at the Librarian

While doing some extended Stumbling today, I discovered two interesting tidbits. First, Joel J. Rane’s Scream at the Librarian has been published by the Booklyn Artists Alliance. ScreaRex Libris #8m is a collection of stories chronicling the adventures of a librarian in Los Angeles (Mr. Rane) who runs into all kinds of “situations.” It seems to be a pulp version of this blog… I just bought a copy for myself. Good luck with this endeavor Joel! It’s always nice to see that I don’t suffer alone. Second, I read over at LibrarianInBlack that James Turner’s Rex Libris comic book will be adapted for film by Mark Burton (Madagascar, and Chicken Run) for Warner Brothers Pictures. This is very cool, I’m looking forward to it!


~ by Woeful on July 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “Librarian Pop”

  1. okay, now i’m going to have to pick up Scream of the Librarian, thanks ever so, for adding to that ever-increasing reading list

  2. If you wait until Fall, they’re publishing a hardcover special edition >:)

  3. Thank you! Working at the Central Library in Los Angeles was never boring…now this slightly burnt librarian is lookng for a nice safe job at some community college in Northern California. PS Thanks also for supporting Booklyn, an artists’ cooperative and I think a model for future publishing. That hardbound edition will be pricey…they tell me $800 (bound by hand and each drawing silkscreened)…way out of a librarian’s budget!

  4. Funny… I was just sitting here reading your book. I’m about halfway done now. As I read, I keep thinking, “I know this patron!” 🙂

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