Question of the Day

What did chickens eat before there was electricity?


~ by Woeful on July 12, 2007.

11 Responses to “Question of the Day”

  1. Is this a chick question?

  2. Er I mean trick.

  3. Crap on the ground, I’d imagine? lol, what does electricity have to do with what chickens eat?

  4. Chicken Facts:

  5. Each other?

  6. Apparently, chickens will eat just about any crap on the ground, including other chickens. You can even feed them table scraps. LOL… Yes, that’s it exactly Cara! What the hell does electricity have to do with chicken feed? The woman was just being cheap and didn’t want to buy commercial feed. I don’t blame her at $50/mo., but skimping on feed is not a good way to get good eggs.

    I discovered this during my research. Chickens it seems, need a balanced diet for tasty eggs with good yolks. So the lady was fishing for a way to feed her chickens like they did before commercial feed was mass produced… And electricity made commercial feed possible. This is actually a good example of how people almost never ask for what they really want to know.

    Here’s a good link.

  7. COCK!

  8. LOL@Dyna Dave!

    Ok here is one for you, smartie pants.

    I saw this the other day at a chain eatery. The sign read – Answer this and win a free soda. Whoop de doo.

    “What was the first novel to sell a million copies?”

    Eat that, Woe! Muha!

    And yeah, this is related to your post. After all, this was at Chicken Out!

  9. Brilliant idea. Piss off Max’s neighbors.

  10. I’m hesitant to answer this because I don’t want this blog to turn into stump the librarian. Henceforward I will no longer answer any reference questions here. This is what your local libraries are for. They would also certainly be grateful for the business. Plus, I’m not getting paid here. It’s like asking a union painter to paint for free on his day off… That said, this is a very tricky question. Do they mean American novels? Some people would consider the Bible to be a work of fiction. I think the answer they’re looking for is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

  11. Oh, your blog is much better for other things than playing stump the librarian! However, you are correct – and my bad since I did not clarify that it was an American novel.

    I should have jaunted over to the book store, asked the clerk, and won my free soda. Assuming the clerk has any trivia smarts.

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