Hipper Sushers

This just in, The New York Times just published a story entitled A Hipper Crowd of Sushers. It’s a good piece illustrating how the profession has evolved, and how it draws new blood. Librarians are some of the most progressive people I know. The stereotype of the shushing gray lady with glasses is anachronistic. Librarians fight against censorship, tend to be liberal social activists, and party like it’s 1999! Speaking of social activism, does anybody know what happened to Librarians Against Bush? I went over there a few months back and found a nearly blank page reading something like, “Page Was Removed.” Creepy.


~ by Woeful on July 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hipper Sushers”

  1. “don’t you sush me” It’s a very common saying around here. I don’t know where it came from. I am guessing Pumba or Timone. We have never been shushed at the Library. Keep in mind my son usually looks very healthy and normal but isn’t.

  2. Yeah, we’re not so into shushing anymore. Actually, the library is a fairly noisy place these days, except for designated quiet study areas. For us to ask someone to quiet down, either the person would have to be making a lot of noise, or another patron would have to complain.

  3. Librarians against Bush? Sounds intriguing..maybe some men in dark suits paid them a personal visit. With this current administration I would not be surprised.

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