Space Case

Today, a middle-aged blonde woman approach the Reference Desk as she yelled to her husband the location of the men’s room. Gesturing to him, and shouting, “It’s over there!”

Me (smiling): Hello!

Woman: Do you have any CDs?

Me: Sure we do.

Woman: Great, I’m looking forward to a movie.

Woman: (yelling to her husband, “NO! It’s over here!!”)

Me: Errr… You mean you’re looking for a soundtrack?

Woman: No.

Me: Do you want a DVD?

Woman: Yeah!

Me: OK, I’ll show you where we keep them. (I lead her over to the section explaining how they’re organized as we go).

Woman (interrupting): I’m not a resident here, can I use my library card from North Dumbass?

Me: Yes you can, as long as it’s a valid card.

Woman: Oh, what if I don’t have my card with me?

Me: You need a valid library card to borrow items.

Woman: Can we call North Dumbass? I’m sure I’m on file there.

Me (I’m sure you are too): I’m fairly certain that you need a valid card to borrow items, I don’t usually charge items out so you should ask at the Circulation Desk, but that’s normally the way it works.

Woman (deer in headlight): OK.

I walk back to the Reference Desk, and a colleague shakes his head and comments that the lady I was helping is, “a little off.” Yep, higher than a kite!


~ by Woeful on July 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Space Case”

  1. People are so hard to deal with sometimes. I wonder how many people would be allowed in if there was a sobriety check at the door.

  2. We would have to take the good with the bad, since I wouldn’t have anything to blog about anymore…

  3. North Dumbass? hahahahaha

    This reminds me of the time I entered Hollywood Video and loudly asked where the porn section was. You know it seems like I’ve told you this already. Anyway — funny story.

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