Electronic Paper

The E Ink Corporation is developing a revolutionary new way of media distribution, epaper. This technology has been around for several years, however, it’s now evolving at an incredible pace. There were even recent unfounded rumors that the Seattle Post Intelligencer was about to release an epaper edition. The widespread introduction of this medium, will undoubtedly have a profound impact on how we interact with both the printed word and still images.

The idea is that new data is transmitted to the epaper whenever it needs updating via radio signal… You buy the epaper once; it’s hardware, thereafter, the content is distributed via subscription. It has all kinds of applications, even as a substitute for, say, grocery store white boards. When they need updating you simply hit send… And hey, if the RadioPaper prototype doesn’t meet your expectations as a media delivery device, it looks like it might make a great dildo. It’s a win-win!


~ by Woeful on July 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Electronic Paper”

  1. You did not say “dildo.”

  2. Sounds like you can’t loose. I’ll I need the pharmacy to do this and the hosp to do this…..

  3. LOL… I couldn’t help it Max. When I watched the demo for the first time, my initial reaction was, “phallus papyrus.” All kidding aside, this stuff has the potential to be very cool, and useful… A hard combination to find.

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