Paris Hilton

Moving quicker than I thought possible for any municipality, the City replaced the door to our men’s room today. This is good, because I was growing tired of whizzing in the stall with the lights off so that nobody could see me. Did they replace it with a new door? No. It looks like they took it down and Bondoed it back together, this would also be why they removed it without coincidentally replacing it… Now, we have moved on into full-fledged summer reading hell. In their annual ritual, local students have begun descending on us for their required summer reading selections. This is a very busy time of the year @ the Library (July), the busiest in fact. The slowest time is December, but that’s neither here nor there. What I’m really here to discuss today is Paris Hilton.

Paris HiltonSince darling Paris was recently sprung from the Big House, I thought I’d share this story: Several years ago, when I was working at another library, a cataloger approached me with a question as to how I wanted a certain book cataloged. The book was about Paris Hilton. The conundrum, however, regarded how that particular library classified biographies. Only books that began with the subject’s birth were classified into 920 (the Dewey number for bios), everything else was classified based on the subject area the person excelled in, for example, if a book was about an athlete’s career it would be classified into the athlete’s sport somewhere in the 700’s and not into 920. This scheme works well for the most part, or until Paris Hilton came along…

I immediately stopped what I was doing at the Reference Desk; I was perplexed. I commented that most people who have books written about them have actually done something to justify it, they are kings, or poets, or scientists. But Paris is none of these things. I didn’t want to waste another instant, or any more brainpower thinking about her since all she did was attend parties, and make a sex film… A bad sex film (at one point, I actually thought that she fell asleep, but I digress). However, since she had a new TV show called, “The Simple Life,” I told the cataloger to put her book under TV in 791.45. That was that.


~ by Woeful on June 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Paris Hilton”

  1. Ha, too funny!

  2. Oh my god! I actually thought you put her next to Work the System for Bums, then I realized it was a separate post!

  3. Classic! You should have put it in the trash, perhaps. Or the horror section.

  4. Hello Gaijin! Thanks for stopping by. Yep, for a second I was stumped. Hilton’s about as useful as a tits on a bull. BTW, I subscribe to the feed from your blog; love it!

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