Shots Fired!

I’ll be in a tropical paradise for a few weeks (back on the 25th), so I won’t be posting for a while. I’ve been saving an excellent story for a time like this, something to hold you over in my absence. This a second hand tale from before I was hired @ the Library:

As a coworker described it, it began like any other day at the Library. The usual Irregulars were around, but nothing too Red Handedpeculiar was happening. However, half-way through this particular day there was a full-fledged police standoff just outside our front door. Across Town, a man shot his wife, then and fled by car. The cops caught up with him directly in front of our building, where the armed man held them at bay for hours.

The police were everywhere. The street was cordoned off, and the library was locked down tight. Eventually, shots were fired. Luckily, neither the man nor the police were injured during the standoff… The man’s wife, though injured, lived. The police were creative in their solution. The man requested water, and the police promptly provided it. Fist they drugged it, then they let him have it. The clueless perpetrator guzzled himself into the arms of Morpheus… And the City’s lockup.


~ by Woeful on June 8, 2007.

8 Responses to “Shots Fired!”

  1. Oh sheesh didn’t he check the cap seal? What a dummy.

  2. [ps : have a lovely honeymoon]

  3. Dang, wouldn’t that have been a sight to see?! One of our libraries shares a parking lot with the police station so I’m surprised we haven’t had any incidences yet.

  4. 31 readers!!! Fantastic

  5. Thanks! I never quite trust those feed stats though, they tend to rubber-band…

  6. What a fucktard!

    This happened to me while I was at a weekend acting workshop in Burbank. Some guys in an SUV got pulled over by the cops…I was taking a smoke break with a friend and we watched the whole thing unfold…I walked up to some Mexican guy an asked him what was going on. “GTA,” he said. GTA? “Yeah – grand theft auto.”

    They had their guns out and everything. Fortunately, the guys surrendered and no one got shot.

  7. Did I say smoke break? Er, that was a mistake…I don’t smoke.

  8. Sure you don’t 😉

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