Lights Out

The Library had another patron pass out cold while surfing the Internet last night. No matter how hard the staff tried, nobody could wake her. In fact, the only sign of life she showed was when she was told that the police were going to be called, at which point she lifted her head only long enough to mumble something incoherent… And pass out again. The last time her head hit the keyboard the computer began generating an infinite series of, “ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp…”

A definitive sign of either “passed out,” or that it was indeed time to call the “police.”


~ by Woeful on June 6, 2007.

8 Responses to “Lights Out”

  1. That is really disturbing. Did you check for a medic allert bracelet? Diabetics can out like that.

  2. It didn’t happen on my shift. Apparently, they tried waking her and the guy she was with was laughing and said, “She fell asleep” (yeah, right). When they called the cops they guy left (obviously the man anyone would want on point) without a trace. My coworkers said her breath was 200 proof!

    LMAO! Disturbing… Not as much as it was to the folks sitting beside her who were also using the Internet, or to the people waiting to use the Internet who my colleagues described as sitting there with their mouths open in befuddlement as the incident unfolded. People don’t expect to see this in the Library… Alas, they are sadly mistaken.

    Welcome to the party!

  3. Perhaps threatening a shock from the portable defibrillator would have gotten a reaction. You’re obviously in a metro location. Antics like this wouldn’t happen in suburbia or small town America…or would they?

  4. A lot of it has to do with location; proximity to mass transit, homeless shelters, etc… I once had an interview at the Napa Public Library in California, wine country! Hot air balloons were taking off from behind the building when I was on my way in for the interview. Yet, they have a huge homeless problem since they are directly across the street from their local shelter.

  5. that’s a new twist on the term drunk blogging…..

  6. It’s anyone’s guess what they’re doing online… Although I do know of a blog by a homeless guy. Apparently, he’s no longer homeless anymore as a direct consequence of his blogging!

  7. Your site is so good and your occupation so entertaining!

    hahaha – “ppppppppppppppp” – I would prefer one long “oooooooooooooo” …

  8. Sadly, I keep missing these incidents. They’ve been happening on someone else’s shift.

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