This is a great follow-up to the “Dove Evolution” video that I posted a while back. The Dove video nicely illustrates what can be done by professional hairstylists, makeup artists, and Photoshop gurus to enhance a model’s appearance. This new video shows just how easy it is for someone with good Photoshop kung fu to create pure fiction on a body-wide scale. Be skeptical of what you see people, it’s far too easy these days to manipulate reality.


~ by Woeful on June 2, 2007.

9 Responses to “Fiction/Non-Fiction”

  1. I am drunk blogging so I can’t say anything but hi and that was coooool!

  2. I’ve been there!

  3. I wish I had l33t photoshop skillz like that, yo.

  4. I used to, but I’m out of practice now. I have friends who can do that without breaking a sweat. I love the whole rubber banding action when the person doing the digital imaging does that before and after… Boing 🙂

  5. Damn! Can you really do that on Photoshop!

    But I don’t see why they just didn’ t hire a thinner model in the first place…I know…I am missing the point.

  6. Yep.

  7. Well that is just manipulating a photograph.
    I am waiting for the glasses you can wear at the beach
    that will improve the view of unfortunately hairy guys
    in speedos.

  8. I think huge black Roy Orbison style shades should do the trick Max.

  9. Actually, there is this guy that the staff has dubbed, “Speedo,” but I’m not going there.

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