Search Term Fun

(Annotated) search terms used to find my blog over the last several days:

disillusioned librarians 2007 – Hang in there.

homless in library – There are many.

debbie gibson playboy shoot – There is a lot of this kind of thing…

god patron of libraries – Who knew?

kids vandalizing public library – Yep.

Professor and librarian plan together – That would be good.

play boy movie – OK

things best left unsaid – There are many.

deborah gibson playboy pictures – Like I wrote…

how many people with mls degrees give up – How many indeed!

debbie gibson pictures – Again.

escape of the library – Humm…

bibliodating – Bring it on!

“ed yell” – Go ahead Tarzan.

library and overheard – Don’t.

overheard library – I told you not to.

“special ed” + “wanna go to hawaii” – A+ for sophisticated search query!

american people hobo – Sadly.

i dress up libraryan – You do?

high nut – What?

man on gurney in ED – Really?

showin some love – Me too!

librarian specialization – Good luck.

libraries agressive patrons – File under psychotic.

woeful librarian – You found me 🙂

librarians mofo – Good reading!

Some things are best left unsaid – They are indeed.

freakalicious – @ the Library

library snark – I like Snark

john cena jew – Humm.

bitter librarian – I like Bitter.

why not worry about aids – Why not?

why we need a sidewalk at the library – We have one and it doesn’t help.

“every now and again” libraries – You mean, far too often.


~ by Woeful on June 1, 2007.

15 Responses to “Search Term Fun”

  1. Um, what the hell is a snark?

  2. Hi Tommy! This might help:

    Snarky’s Blog:

  3. Hey, wait a second! Are you sure that you’re not the reference desk?

  4. LOL… I’m going to mark this down as a reference question when I go into the office tomorrow. Way to boost our stats Tommy!

  5. I do what I can to help out.

  6. Right on!

  7. How do you find out what people search for and get your blog to pop up in search results? I’m not sure I want to know what people would use to find mine, but my curiosity always overrides my reason.

  8. Cara- On WordPress, it shows you how people got to your blog (search term and links) and any links they clicked on from your blog. The searched terms to get to your blog is usually pretty funny.

  9. Yep… You can get all kinds of metrics on WordPress. That said, I miss my StatCounter. I used to be able to see where people were hitting my bog from on a World map, and also get a list of where my recent visitors came from. Sadly, WordPress doesn’t allow scripting for fear of hacking… I understand, but I do miss those cool features.

  10. I especially like “god patron of libraries.”

    Such reverence. Gives me shivers.

  11. Yeah, this one from yesterday demonstrates how things grow stranger all the time:
    “menstrual institution” “indefinite peri

  12. Indefinite peri? What is that? lol

  13. That’s what I wanna know 🙂

  14. Indefinite peri is indefinite period which might make sense in a sentence with menstrual institution!

  15. Errr… Yeah, but why is it prefaced by “menstrual institution?” Actually, I don’t want to know.

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