It has recently come to my attention that one of our Irregulars, a widowed woman in her late 60’s who routinely visits us to ILL large print books, is doing the Internet dating thing as well. I know this, because as I’m locating her books and charging them out to her she yammers on and on. In fact, she yammers on and on to the extent that she could talk the balls off a rhinoceros… Yammering away about all the men she’s now dating since her husband took his dirt nap.

Then, I discovered from a colleague that her email address is something like:

Haaaaaaaaaaa! Do I really need to write more here?


~ by Woeful on May 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “SexyLady”

  1. Oh no! I take it she’s not one of them “hot grandma’s” or you wouldn’t have needed to write about it, hahaha. Eeew, weird people with grandma fetishes! EEEEW! *shudders*

  2. I just had a daymare you know when you freak out because you never knew such a thing could happen to people and what if you wind up there is some curse train of events……. Grannie better be keeping it legal!

  3. For the record: Not hot.

    One unrelated thing about the elderly and technology. I give anyone over 65 a lot of credit for learning how to use a PC, and the Internet and actively participate. This is no small accomplishment. I’m not sure about the whole SexyLady thing, but hey whatever floats their boats.

    Excuse me now, while I attempt to scrub the image from my mind…

  4. I immediately typed in and feel deceived…not to mention stupid!

    I hope to be one of those hot grandmas….

  5. And you just might be… However, this one is definitely NOT :O

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