We recently caught three young teens on video vandalizing one of our tables located behind the stacks. A patron brought to our attention profanity, complete with lurid graphics written on a table top in black and red marker. Apparently, in very BIG letters. After the patron brought this to our attention we managed to remove the objectionable syntax (sadly I didn’t see it, so I can’t report on the wording or the art). We then reviewed the security recording it clearly showed two boys and a girl writing on the table and laughing. Near the end, the girl took gum that she was chewing from her mouth, and stuck it to the underside of the table. Just before the kids left, one of the boys looked directly into the security camera, and very methodically gave the finger.

We called the police. The police reviewed the tape and told us that we should ban them from the building if they return…


~ by Woeful on May 22, 2007.

22 Responses to “Kids”

  1. The cops should give warnings (at least ) to these kids….. maybe this crap stops here but maybe they grow into defiant bastards that decied to plot agaisnt their school. Also, the community needs the library nice for the homless people. I am just kidding!

  2. Sadly, a big black F-You, accompanied by a large blue phallus isn’t at the top of the officer’s list of action items…

  3. Real vandals would have carved it into the table what are they, the Sharpie Brigade? Tell them to take that lame ass xxxx home to Mamma.

  4. I think there was also some half-hearted chicken scratching… Give them time, they’re still pre-pubescent. I’m sure that they will eventually be carrying good carving knives around with them to wreak their mayhem wherever they go. Sort of the, “Johnny Appleseed’s” of public property destruction…

  5. Did you guys get the gum off too? I think it’s funny that the kids gave the camera the bird. Anyway you can post that video?

  6. … Not if I want to keep my job.

  7. Another thing I would love to post is a video of “Stuck-Out-Of-Time Man.” Hhe really needs to be seen in action to be believed.

    Sadly, that isn’t going to happen either…

  8. Stuck out of time man? Is there a link ? becuase it might be my dad. LOL



  10. Man your life is much more exciting than mine. You’ve brought me a whole new respect and appreciation for librarians.

  11. We could be a sitcom.

  12. You know what? You are abso fuckihg lutely right about that, Woe!

  13. If anybody in Hollywood is considering this, I am willing to be a consultant…

  14. I think Max is the one with those connections!

  15. I really think it could work. 🙂

  16. Oh well I have never worked in television I am a features animal.

  17. Yeah… Not a movie. 30-60 minutes of mindless Entertainment a week. What can I say, my life is “filler” not feature.

  18. Probably some form of News Radio at the library would really work.

  19. Some kind of Sorkin with a Whedon sensibility… LOL!

  20. BTW Max, I’m a big movie buff. For a while I didn’t even have a TV… But I did have an 8′ wide Stewart Filmscreen and a Sony projector. I watched a lot of movies. If I ever decided to go back to school for a doctorate, I would go for a film degree.

  21. Good God. A doctorate? Every time I think about going back for a Masters I slam my hand in the door repeatedly until the impulse stops.

  22. I’m done with school now, I just don’t have the patience anymore…

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