Celluloid Blonde Strikes

I’ve been tagged with another meme by Max. After pondering random things all day long, amidst dealing with the insanity that is the Library, I managed to eek out some outstanding eclecticism. Behold Woeful’s eight random things:

1) Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is an excellent book that I highly recommend reading.

2) Diet ROCKSTAR is the finest beverage money can buy… Except for Glenlivet.

3) I once had an interview at NASA for a job as digital librarian. Sadly, it seems that I don’t have the right stuff.

4) Dope Wars is a great way to pass time if you have a Palm Pilot… And no job at NASA.

5) My stalker is back. She called today while I was at work and told me that she was going to send a wedding gift. Whackadoo!

6) To a bachelor, oatmeal with chocolate chips sounds like a great idea. It’s not.

7) $3.25+ for a gallon of gasoline, WTF!? We need to stop paying farmers not to farm, and pay them to grow corn instead… Then, turn that shit into alcohol that we can use as a cleaner burning renewable fuel source. After all, all we need for internal combustion is something that ignites, and alcohol does a great job at that.

8 ) HD DVD is not better than Blu-ray, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

So, now I tag:

Foxylibrarian    Library Snark    Tales from the Liberry    California Blogging    Difficult


~ by Woeful on May 21, 2007.

14 Responses to “Celluloid Blonde Strikes”

  1. Hey! I am eating #6 right now!

    I’ve also been eyeing #2 at my local grocers…the packaging makes it all the more tempting but I live in fear of being overly tweaked and having a heart attack!

    I’ll put #1 on a to do list with the rest of my, well, to do’s.

  2. PS I advise having someone sniff #5. Like the bomb police.

  3. I live by the diet ROCKSTAR, I believe it saved my life today. I know it’s the only reason I made it through the doldrums of my morning. “The Metamorphosis” is a good story and it’s short like “The Old Man and the Sea.” Good stuff!

  4. So what is it exactly, Woeful? Is it like a java pick me up? Is it better than coffee or has more caffeine in less the dose? Can you get totally tweaked off of it? It really works?

  5. When I say dose I mean liquid.

  6. Serving.


  7. It’s mainly a caffeine high with a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Try it (like Red Bull) for an interesting mix with vodka too. You’re totally awake drunk. You can definitely get tweaked off it. LOL… Dose? Liquid? Serving? I never tried shooting it but you never know. I don’t recommend snorting it, I nearly drowned 🙂

  8. Snorting liquid is never good, Woeful, unless you’re into the upchuck.

    Hey maybe we’re onto something. Would that be, like quadruple the caffeine?

  9. It would be like the same amount of caffeine delivered all at once… But, like you wrote, upchuck. I wonder if there is a way to cook the water off to leave the active ingredients… LOL.

  10. I am addicted to diet rockstar!

  11. Aren’t we all?

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  13. Sorry I was out of town when you tagged me! Here are my eight random things:


  14. No problem, difficult… And welcome!

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