Librarians have been trying to dispel stereotypes for years, and just as we began to make headway, some librarian thought it would be a good idea to make a doll that perpetuates everything we worked so hard to quell; specifically the shushing, orthopedic shoe sporting, schoolmarm wearing a suit of armor woven from wool. This doll encompasses everything that librarians today are not. Modern day librarians believe in exemplary customer service, and do everything they can to make the library an inviting and relaxed place to be.

Last night, at my bachelor party, one of my best friends gave me one of these dolls as a gag gift. Everyone had a good laugh. Tomorrow, I’m going to bring it into the office so it can be the brunt of more ridicule from my coworkers. Many laughs will indeed be had. It’s a great gift for anyone who knows the truth.

Well Done!


~ by Woeful on May 13, 2007.

8 Responses to “Stereotypes”

  1. Four words: Harry Potter in drag.

    We have one at the Library of Doom, and it gets much well-deserved ridicule. There’s now a deluxe version with its own book trolley. Sigh…


  2. LMAO… “Harry Potter in Drag!” Thanks for stopping by David.

  3. Of course, it really does look like Nancy Pearl. But if they’d called it a Nancy Pearl Action Figure, I guess it wouldn’t sell.

  4. Hello Jemfy. I know that Pearl modeled for the doll, but it makes me wonder whether the toy company supplied her with what they thought was a librarian costume? I hope to God that they did and that she really doesn’t wear that outfit (or something similar) every day.

  5. Half and half. She seems to prefer brighter colors on her jackets and/or tops, but the style of dress seems similar. Of course, I’m only getting this from images on search engines. I haven’t hung out with her or anything.

  6. That’s unfortunate about the wardrobe…

  7. Yes, the doll is an unfortunate representation of what a “modern” librarian is all about. But I’m currently at a library conference, and when I look around the room, more than half of the people there look like that… or worse. Sure, there’s a stereotype out there, but maybe it’s not the doll’s fault.

  8. Hopefully, they will soon “grandfather” out… Along with MARC. Long live XML! Thanks for stopping by Emily, keep reading.

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