Lately, the Library has been a quiet place. In fact, it has been down right “normal.” In fact, I think the vagrants have all taken a vacation because they haven’t been around. This has led to hours of boredom followed by moments of terror and panic when inevitably a piece of our technology fails. This has made me think about our decent patrons, and has prompted me to write about some of them.

Despite the freak show that the Library is, we do have many regular patrons who do research or use the Internet, or come in to borrow materials like books, or DVDs, or CDs. They are articulate, well put together, and grateful for the services that we provide. This is always a welcome thing, and reaffirms why we do what we do and why we do it. Some notable regular patrons who frequent the Library are a former Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, a famous local radio personality, and we even had visit the other day from Miss [insert my State here]. She didn’t come in in any official capacity, just to use the Internet.

Couple this with our regular colorful (but not Irregular) patrons, including the people who often come in the request Interlibrary Loans, and we have good mix of people using the Library for a diversity of services.

However, the Library never stays in this state of normalcy, I’m sure that something fantastically of-the-wall is looming on the horizon. Until then, I’ll enjoy the break. Don’t fear, loyal readers… I’m sure someone out there is making plans to use the Library soon, a real superfreak who will undoubtedly be blogged about an give us all a good laugh… Someone who will make me long once again for “normalcy.”

~ by Woeful on May 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Normailty”

  1. Two questions:

    1. Any good lost and found items this month?

    2. Anyone ever fall alseep in the bathroom?

  2. 1) I haven’t checked the bin in a while. However, there was a guy in yesterday who was freaking out because he lost his wallet. We didn’t have it so some Irregular probably walked away with it.

    2) To my knowledge nobody has ever fallen asleep in the bathroom. Even the guy who overdosed made it out before he went unconscious. This isn’t surprising since the public restrooms are a total sty. Even the vagrants don’t want to stay in there for too long… Has anyone ever fallen asleep in the bathroom where you work?

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