Tag, I’m It.

Max, keeper of Celluloid Blonde just tagged me for a meme. This is a milestone for me, as this is the first time anyone has tagged me… Sooo, I’m going to try doing my very best with this. Here we go.

Five Freaking Things You Do Not Need to Know About Me :

  1. In another life, I was an artist.
  2. On occasion, I play the bass professionally.
  3. When I am required to use a pen, I use a fountain pen.
  4. Sometimes I wear cowboy boots to work, along with my jacket and tie.
  5. I haven’t read a book in over a year… I’m just too busy reading Celluloid Blonde.

Speaking of which, Max, I submitted your post The Chaser to StumbleUpon, so you ought to be seeing a marked increase in traffic today. For those of you who don’t use StumbleUpon, what are you waiting for? Other than Celluloid Blonde, it’s the best thing about the Internet, since the Internet was invented! 🙂

Now, I tag:

Jason | Derek | Roaf | THL | ashleystar


~ by Woeful on April 15, 2007.

12 Responses to “Tag, I’m It.”

  1. “I haven’t read a book in over a year… I’m just too busy reading Celluloid Blonde.”

    Aww flattery. Smooch!

  2. You like MAAAAAx You like MAAAAAX……… Wait, I am not actually in a library. I always feel like a kid in a library. Don’t you shush me now…… : )
    An artist, cowboy boots and the bass…..Your hot.
    OK I am leaving….

  3. Max: Of course flattery, you’ve earned it. I wouldn’t just accept anyone’s RSS feed you know…

    Jennifer: LOL, I do like Max, she has a lot to offer… And thank you!

  4. Oh you librarians and your silver tongued ways.

  5. While these are some very cool facts, they are quite tame.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Max: I do my best!

    SG: Let’s just say, it’s a measured response. 😉

  7. You’re welcome! I tried to follow suit but got off the beaten path again.

  8. BTW, do you ever watch Victor Wooten instruction videos for bass?

  9. No problem SG. I’m pretty much self-taught when it comes to the bass, and the guitar. When I was in college I was in two bands, one a country/oldies band, and the other a classic rock band. Now, I play a lot of blues but not as much as I used to. No time anymore. Actually, I hardly have time for the gym anymore… Especially with all this blogging!

  10. That and dealing with the crazies at the library..who knew such mayhem lurked among the most unassuming profession?

  11. Actually, who knew being a librarian was even a profession….thanks for enlightening me !

  12. No one would imagine, SG! That’s why I’m here… That and my sanity. And yes, librarianship is a profession. Librarians are highly skilled researchers, and have Masters Degrees. That said, most of the people working in a library are not librarians, they’re paraprofessionals, or part-timers (librarians generally don’t shelve, or check-out books for patrons). When we aren’t babysitting or dealing with the homeless, when we are left to do what we do best, research, we kick some serious ass. Oh, and use your library! Even if it’s just for a telephone number, use the library instead of calling 411. NO question is too small.

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