Blogger’s Code of Conduct?

Over the last few days, Tim O’Reilly (the publisher who coined the term Web 2.0) has caused quite a fervor in the Blogosphere by suggesting a Blogger’s Code of Conduct. Today, a story appeared in Wired Magazine where O’Reilly has backpedaled suggesting that what he really wants is a system of “Digging” comments so the cream rises to the top. This is actually a good idea, but it isn’t what he initially proposed.

O’Reilly’s additionally comments have irked me further, specifically:

Well, you know, people at a conference would not tolerate the kind of conversations that happen in the comment threads on many blogs. If somebody started standing up and shouting obscenities, you’d throw them out. My point is, most bloggers are way too tolerant of abusive behavior on their blogs.

I’ll be the judge of what appears in my blog, and it’s no business of his to suggest otherwise. If someone doesn’t like reading something, they shouldn’t read it. I understand that this whole thing was precipitated by the death threats directed at Kathy Sierra which stopped her from delivering a speech at the recent Etech conference in San Diego. However, O’Reilly’s Code of Conduct is not an acceptable solution to the problem.

Keep your mits off my intellectual property, Tim.

~ by Woeful on April 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Blogger’s Code of Conduct?”

  1. Yea and what the fuck does any of this have to do with the freaks @ the Library? Please stick to info that really counts!

  2. troublemaker.

  3. Thats what my boss says!

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