Nerves = Frayed

Today I am exceptionally woeful.

I have been in technological hell for the last two days. Couple this with the usual daily freak show that my business environment is, and you have an exceptionally bad situation. Lately, in addition to constantly kicking children off our catalog computers (OPACs) (because kids have learned that the OPACs are open to the Internet, and therefore they do not need to sign-in at the Reference Desk to access MySpace), elderly folks who can’t seem to grasp the concept of using a mouse (there is something about being over 60 where many people seem to loose all hand-eye coordination and have a complete inability to “click”), and our Internet PCs freezing every 10 minutes, we have had two major technological meltdowns that have effected our daily operations and/or my sanity.

One of these meltdowns happened this afternoon when our OPACs went down with a, 404 Internal Server Error message. When we finally got them up-and-running, one of the four catalog profiles that I created was gone. M.I.A. We still have the KidsCat, and the ADAcat, and the internal catalog, however, the external catalog that I customized with all kinds of cool and useful bells and whistles is gone. I’m still hoping that I can recover it, but I think it back to the drawing board for me tomorrow. The other issue was a problem with our statistical reports. These reports are crucial to our funding and, therefore, need to be accurate. I got a call late in the day yesterday from someone who discovered inconsistencies in the reports I’ve been certifying (fuck me). I am very careful when I generate and compile these metrics, and I take great pride in their accuracy. I certainly didn’t realize that the numbers were drifting when I submitted them. I still don’t know why the system is generating these funky reports, but I have found a workaround and, thankfully, the numbers are now accurate…

I need a vacation.


~ by Woeful on April 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Nerves = Frayed”

  1. Ha! The sychronicity between the tenor of your entries and my experiences are uncanny. I happened upon this site one day and have derived much consolation (and more than a few laughs) since then (I’m a library assistant). April 11th was indeed a technological nightmare, and each day thereafter has been successively worse. I think I’ve finally entered the most torturous circle of hell today-internet stations unresponsive, the connection between the terminals and the print queue gone kaput, OPACs inaccessible, and the most obscure requests/queries(requiring said catalog) coming in droves. To top off my plight, we seem to have been overrun by rude patrons today. I’m beginning to think they periodically board a “Rude Patrons” bus and make their way on over just to complicate matters further for us.

    Anyway, thank you for injecting some much-needed humor into my life.

  2. Hello Melissa. Welcome to my world. I’m glad that you enjoy what I’m doing here. As a library assistant I know that you empathize with what I write. Hang in there, we’ll all get through with a little help from our friends. Keep reading!

  3. Hey, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen anyone look for on one of your computers?

  4. Humm… I’m not sure what you mean? In our catalog, or on the Internet? I once found a place where a guy could donate his airplane. We help people research some weird stuff. We have Virus Guy who has an incurable affliction, we also have people who are in custody battles with their exes. We have foot fetishists looking for feet photos, and Porn Man who even brings his porn with him on floppies, and flash drives, etc… Not too long ago he left several graphic images depicting anal sex on one of our catalog computers, not even an Internet PC! Very little shocks me at his point…

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