No Escape

Bat GirlPublic librarians have very recognizable faces. People come in and you answer their questions, or you instruct them on how to use various computer systems, and programs and then they leave going about their business. Some of them return, some do not. For the most part, we love to see return customers, it means we did a good job. However, when we’re outside of the Library on our own time, we really prefer to leave the Library behind us. Sadly, often this is not the case.

Normally, I escape most of this outside contact since I don’t live in the City proper. Sure, I have to deal with it on occasion, mostly either right before work, during my lunch hour, or directly after work if I stop in a nearby store for groceries or whatever. In such an establishment, I inevitably find myself ducking patrons. They’re everywhere! The grocery store, the post office, the bank… Everywhere!! And many of them want you to return items to the Library, so they don’t have to make the trip themselves.

Yes, you read that right.

Just this morning, Porn Man was spotted in a grocery store in my hometown. That’s all I need, to be spotted by Porn Man in aisle 4 while I’m minding my own business, searching for stoned wheat thins. I’ve heard stories from coworkers, where even postal clerks have recognized them from the Library and asked them if they would return items they have on loan for them. This kind of thing also happens while we’re waiting in bank lines, and even while we’re just walking down the street. HELLO PEOPLE, this is totally inappropriate conduct! When I’m on my own time, I don’t want to deal with any Library patrons or materials, and they certainly don’t pay me enough to be someone’s mule.

~ by Woeful on April 9, 2007.

9 Responses to “No Escape”

  1. This means you are not going to carry my books, right?


  2. Max, you mean you wouldn’t want to bring your books back yourself and visit me @ the Library? I suppose you would want me to waive your fines too? All anyone wants me for, are my library system access privileges. O’ the burden of being in such a position of power…

  3. Oh screw you Woeful. All I wanted was a cute boy to offer to carry my books on the way to school.

    Dream crusher.

  4. “All I wanted was a cute boy to offer to carry my books”
    [gush] I thought that you just wanted to send me packing with your stuff, while you hung out with all the other boys…

  5. But aren’t librarians supposed to cater to their patrons’ every need?

  6. Addition to above: [/sarcasm]

    Ack… so much for using “

  7. Welcome G.I.L. LOL… All things considered, we do a pretty good job of accommodating patron requests, even the nutty one’s requests.

  8. Thanks for the welcome. Ah, the joys of librarianship…

  9. That said, it’s a good gig. For the most part I really enjoy what I do. There are certainly worse jobs to have…

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