The Five Laws Updated

One of the first things that every library school student learns is The Five Laws of Library Science, developed by library scientist S.R. Ranganathan. Ranganathan is considered to be the father of modern library science and the laws, with some augmentation, are still as valid today as they were in 1931 when they were first proposed. Most librarians consider the laws to be the bedrock of their professional philosophy. The Five Laws are:

  1. Books are for use.
  2. Every person his book.
  3. Every book its reader.
  4. Save the time of the reader.
  5. The library is a growing organism.

There have been many attempts as of late to adapt the laws to the 21st Century. Variations of a theme if you will, most of these attempts have left me unsatisfied, so a few years ago I wrote down in my Palm Pilot what I consider to be The Five New Rules of Library Science:

  1. Information is for use.
  2. Evey user his/her information.
  3. Every information its user.
  4. Save the time of the user.
  5. The library is an evolving organism.

~ by Woeful on April 5, 2007.

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