Supermarket 2.0

This video is a fantastic parody of Web 2.0, and how people are trying to apply “2.0” principles (and jargon) to just about everything these days (i.e., Library 2.0). It’s very amusing, and elicits quite a few laughs. One of my favorite parts is when the guy gives the woman a cookie! Not to mention the whole thumbs up, thumbs down sequence… Too funny!

I found this over at O’Reilly Radar.


~ by Woeful on April 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Supermarket 2.0”

  1. Here am I trying to make sense of Web 2.0 and some people are already so accustomed to it that they are able to parody it! Very clever. Thanks for finding this.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by. I’m really glad that my blog is informative, as well as entertaining for some people. Keep reading!

  3. That was funny. I’m really surprised that there wasn’t a RTFM reference or an “all your bases are belong to us” joke tossed in. Maybe there was and I didn’t see it. I was trying to figure out why I thought that girl was hot.

  4. Hi I have a Mac so but I still thought it was pretty funny.

  5. Tommy:

    Thanks for stopping by! For the low budget endeavor it is, I think it’s pretty good, they packed a lot into it. I think the girl is pretty hot too. She just seems to be herself, like she was having fun making the film. I also think she looks like somebody on TV, but I can’t figure out who?


    Welcome to my nightmare! Maybe it’s just because I’m hungover but your Mac reference went completely over my aching head… BTW, I love Macs! Sadly, I deserted and for the first time bought a Compaq laptop instead of a Mac… Bad, I know 😦

  6. Haha, the cookie was clever although I would have sent the flavored Stoli back. Vox, please.

    Also, I thought Crispy bread read Crappy bread…but then I realized that only made sense at my local grocer’s…

  7. Yep… I love how everything is tagged, and the “Wish List” is excellent too!

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