Security Gates

The Library uses electronic security gates to deter theft. When an item that hasn’t been charged out goes through a gate, an audible alarm sounds, and a lamp lights. However, much like car alarms, they go off so much nobody pays any attention… Until someone who’s deaf decides to read a book while standing in, or near one of the gates.

This happens more than you might think. At least once or twice a week, the alarm on one of the gates will be sounding for an inordinate amount of time, causing everyone in the building to crane their necks trying to determine what the hell is happening. Some patrons probably think it’s a fire drill. Sometimes, I’ll be sitting at the Reference Desk watching the spectacle unfold thinking that at any moment it will dawn on the individual that he, or she, is the cause of the disruption. Sadly, often it does not, and staff intervention is needed.

I have personally walked over to people who are so completely oblivious, that I need to point at the flashing light and tell them that they are causing it… And for the sake of all that is good and holy, please step the hell away from the gate already!

Thank You.

~ by Woeful on April 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Security Gates”

  1. Hey, what are those things tehnically called [that you put inside of a book] to deter theft? And, do you put one in each individual book or is it at random?

    The last library I joined I ripped off the books. What I mean is, I didn’t bother returning them. I love books so consider it an act of love.

  2. Humm, I don’t know what they’re called. Every item gets one, it’s all part of the processing that Tech Services does when something new comes in along with adding barcodes, and pockets, and stamping them with the Library’s name, etc…

    Tisk tisk… Stealing government property. We report people to credit agencies and wreck their credit for such things… A nearby library system actually sends sheriffs out when it gets to a certain $$$ amount. I shit you not.

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