Things Best Left Unsaid…

I am sitting at the Reference Desk typing, minding my own business. A twenty-something patron is walking past and stops to tell me about how his friend thinks Cialis is the greatest thing ever. That it, “Makes you invincible,” and wants him to try it. But he has serious reservations about taking medication he doesn’t really need just so that he can go all night long. As he pointed out, “You never know, you might get a heart attack.”

(I keep nodding my head) I do not need, or want to know about this.

Nor do I need the graphic description that this patron offered of his friends rock-hard junk. What would possess someone to talk about this with a complete stranger? Why would anyone think this appropriate? As he was leaving he commented that he’s heard that Viarga would soon be available over the counter… Thanks.


~ by Woeful on March 28, 2007.

8 Responses to “Things Best Left Unsaid…”

  1. maybe he was trying to get you to stop taking Cialis with out hurting your feelings by confronting you about it on your own blog? ( oh shit did I just do that?)

  2. [shakes head] Ye of little faith…

  3. Was this the same guy looking for the goat? Might be time to call animal control.

  4. Lucky for the goat, this was not the same individual…

  5. Rock hard junk? lol oh my!

    You know what is even worse? When my brother tells me he needs Viagra to keep his stuff up. Now that is something I don’t even want to contemplate.

    Interesting site.

  6. Welcome Stiletto Girl! Really; what would possess someone to talk about that with a stranger? And what the hell is the matter with you brother telling you about his limpitude? What the f&@k?

  7. I am glad to be here. With that said, are you a man or a woman? I am thinking a man although my initial impression was the opposite because, you know, “librarian.” In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a male working in a library in my whole life. This is not meant to be offensive, just sayin’.

    Well, my brother is a freako pervert weirdo. He is always talking about sex around me and making innuendos. He watched too much I Claudius as a kid, I think.

    Perhaps you have a friendly face and open demeanor. Wasn’t it sort of funny though?

  8. I’m a guy. If you’d like to know a bit more about me go to my StumbleUpon profile. I try to blog as anonymously as possible so as not to get Dooced. I’m not offended at all that you initially thought I was a woman (Max did too). The profession is still populated by more woman than men, but that’s changing rapidly.

    I started out as a photographer, not a librarian. Then I went back to school and earned my Masters, and now here I am writing to you 🙂 I love my job! But it does present some challenges. The patron who made the Cialis comment is a regular at my Library who occasionally stops to shoot the breeze. I thought he was OK. Openly commenting about his friend’s junk, however, pushed him over into the “Irregular” category. NOT cool.

    … I dunno about your perv brother, he’s a different story. He needs a girl (or something). How much sex can he be talking about around you anyway with a limp bizkit and all?

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