The Fuck?

Today, was the second time in three consecutive business days that we had to call the police on unruly patrons! What the hell is going on people? We were forced to call the heat, because a patron went ballistic over a $5.00 fee that she didn’t want to pay in order to get a library card. Standing at the main Circulation Desk, she began shouting at the Head of Circulation, and then later at the Library Director. She wouldn’t stop, and nobody could get a word in edgewise. She was on a 20+ minute rant… I think she was probably off her medication. I warned them that she was coming. I spoke with this fruit loop at length over the telephone a couple of days ago. Much like The Terminator, she couldn’t be reasoned with or bargained with. She was on a mission and would not stop until she completed her mission or died trying (like a salmon, only not nearly as pretty).

This whackadoo has recently become one of our Irregulars, frequenting the Library to use the Internet (SEE my post – Communication Breakdown). She’s homeless, and lives at a nearby shelter. Our Circulation Policy states that all temporary residents are required to pay a $5.00 annual fee to borrow materials. Sadly, we need to do this or we loose thou$ands in materials when people eventually move on (they aren’t called vagrants for nothing). She listed a homeless shelter as her address, and therefore, is a temporary resident since the shelter is not supposed to be a permanent situation. She, however, is slow but crafty and has a P.O.Box in the City that she assumed she could use to prove residency.


The Director told the woman that she was calling the police if she continued to rant on like a lunatic. This had no effect, and the woman continued her tirade. Eventually, she ended her rambling and left the premises just before the fuzz showed (Irregulars tend to have a sense about such things). The police took statements, and then told us to call them if we see her again. They seemed to know her – Go figure.

~ by Woeful on March 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Fuck?”

  1. What a week, this blog rules!

  2. I need a vacation.

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