It seems that yesterday, in my absence, an altercation occurred between two teenage girls on our central staircase. Apparently, some kind of dispute between the two arose while the girls were at school, and one of them decided the best way to resolve it was with violence after the closing bell. What the dispute was about is anyone’s guess. I’ll leave that up to your imagination…

From what I can discern from the information that was conveyed to me, a group of about 15 teens consisting of both boys and girls congregated after school in the Library. They were noisy, as any group of teens tends to be, however, at one point a full-scale shouting match erupted on the staircase which caused a massive disruption of Library services. This immediately prompted a coworker to check on what was causing the chaos. It seems that the group of teens cornered one of the girls on the stairs, and then wildly cheered as one girl beat the other.

My coworker never saw the exchange of blows. By the time she got there, the teens were merely an unruly unorganized mob of screaming delinquents gathered around a defeated sobbing girl. My coworker then informed the mob, that she was calling the police. One of the delinquents turned and yelled, “THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!” as the mob exited.

Note to thugs: Sorry, but you can’t beat one another on our premises.

My coworker collected the sobbing girl, who then pleaded with her not to call her parents. When physical violence is used, we have no choice but to call the police. We won’t tolerate violence, it’s inexcusable. The cops arrived, gathered the facts from the victim and the witnesses, and immediately called the teens parents. The Library director then banished the assailant from the Library for 30 days… The police, presumably hunted down and arrested the girl.

Hopefully, this will restore balance to The Force.


~ by Woeful on March 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Banished!”

  1. WOW! Have others battled at the library before?

    Who would have ever guessed people would go to the library for a throw down.

    I also enjoyed the part of the story where the high school punk yelled out the parting shot. As rude as that comment was, I couldn’t help but laugh when you described it.

    You should consider adding a “best of section” to your blog, this one would def make it!

  2. I’m not aware of any other physical altercations occurring within the Library. On occasion, it happens on the grounds but never actually inside the building.

    I’ll take the “Best Of” under advisement. I was thinking about posting a poll (if WordPress allows it) asking who reader’s favorite Irregular is or something similar…

  3. We had a fight in our library a couple of weeks ago, too. Why did you only ban one girl, though? It sounds like they were both fighting – the ban should be for fighting in the library, not for winning!

  4. Welcome Snarky! From what I understand, one girl totally ambushed the other, and it was a totally one-sided route. It was all the victim could do to avoid getting her ass totally smashed just defending herself by ducking and covering. Otherwise I’m fairly certain that they both would have been banned. Things are totally out of control.

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