Special Ed’s Superstar is John Cena!

John Cena


~ by Woeful on March 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Special Ed’s Superstar is John Cena!”

  1. Ok a job well done but i must know how you got the info out of Ed!

  2. Ed came in to use the Internet, and as usual, he went straight to the WWE when he got online. This opened it up nicely for me to ask who his favorite wrestler is. He also said that he likes Batista. He was very dismissive of me, like I was bothering him and he had important work to do at their website…

  3. you should ask ed if he thinks that the wwe pay per views are worth $40 a shot.

  4. @ $40 a pop, Vince is robbing his viewers blind! Maybe for ECW in its heyday… Even then, I would expect to see something set on fire, and a wrestler suplexed onto it to get my money’s worth.

  5. Checkout John Cena posters here: http://www.mypostercorner.com/aa/john_cena/

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