Ed Has a Runny Nose

So I’m in the middle of a reference transaction with this guy. It’s a pretty involved transaction, requiring multiple sources and lots of fact checking. Mid-sentence, as I’m conversing with this guy, who happens to be standing to the right and a bit behind me, so that he can see the computer monitor, I notice someone enter my peripheral vision and stop directly in front of me. Without waiting for me to stop speaking, I immediately hear, “CANIHAVESOMETISSUES?” the way that only Special Ed can deliver his unique take on the English language. I ignore him and finish speaking to the guy I’m already helping.

“CANIHAVESOMETISSUES?” Ed asks again. I look at Ed and say, “I’ll be right with you.” No sooner does the guy thank me for helping him than Ed repeats, “CANIHAVESOMETISSUES?” I look at Ed, he has the blank look of a lobotomized savant on his face. I say sure, and go into the office bringing back a box of Kleenex. Ed methodically takes thee tissues from the box and leaves.

A short while later, as I’m putting the reference desk to bed, I’m casually talking to one of my colleagues. From out of nowhere, I see Aqualung gimp past us from right to left like a man on a mission, with his staff and his torn up leather coat, and a scarf wrapped around his head like someone afflicted with the mumps from days of yore. I loose my shit and begin laughing uncontrollably. My coworker responds, “I know, they keep coming back.”


~ by Woeful on March 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ed Has a Runny Nose”

  1. & you did not ask ed who his favorite wrestler was? WTF? THANKS FOR NOTHING !

  2. Haaaaa! Ed didn’t stick around long enough. He obviously had a serious need for Kleenex and that was that. Not to worry, he’ll be back, they always come back.

  3. Have you ever had to kick anyone out of the library? If so, do you throw them out on your own or do you call the fuzz?

  4. We kick people out every time we close. Generally we don’t need to call the police on people before they get the hint… Then again, I have been know to threaten calling the heat from time to time.

  5. I would not be able to control myself with these characters around…

  6. Our patrons certainly make good blog fodder…

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